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What is Pechay in English?

What is Pechay in English

Do you wonder what is pechay in english? Well that question will be answer it right here right now.

So, what it is? The pechay in english is known as snow cabbage, Chinese chard or Chinese white cabbage.

The scientific name of pechay is Brassica rapa.

The pechay vegetable is also know as bokchoy, bok choy, bok choi, pakchoi, pakchoy, or petsay in tagalog.

The pechay is spelled as “p e c h a y”.

Why we need to know pechay in english

There are many people. We need to know what is pechay in english so that when some body else asked us what is this plant, we can able to tell what it is really about.

Some people like foreigners, love to eat filipino foods, so if they feel in love with the food, we can easily tell what is this recipe. Some pechay recipes are great so we really need to know what is pechay in english.

In that way we can easily tell to them that “ah this is pechay vegetable or chinese white cabbage, snow cabbage or Chinese chard.

Use Pechay in Sentence with some examples

  • 1. Miguel buy some pechay vegetables in the market.
  • 2. Pechay is a kind of vegetable that are very easy to grow.
  • 3. Young elementary students grow vegetables in the school garden.
  • 4. When somebody asked “how long does it take to grow pechay”, I answer it takes about 30 to 45 days long.
  • 5. The pechay seeds are being spread on the ground and I cannot see it anymore because they are very tiny.
  • 6. The farmers plant pechay in the backyard yesterday.
  • 7. Some people grows pechay in container in the urban places because of lack of areas for planting.
  • 8. The pechay was damage because of the strong winds.
  • 9. The people are struggling to find pechay vegetables in the market because their are no stock left.
  • 10. Pechay with tilapia recipe is one of the best filipino recipe.

Why there are people searching what is pechay in english on Google?

Well I notice, most of them are filipinos. You I think who is reading this article right now, is also a filipino living in the Philippines right? Oh come on I knew it. I am right?

So I think some people, rather some filipinos are searching for that is they want to be inform. They want to have a deeper knowledge about pechay.

Also I notice that some of them are making their research about pechay so that is another reason if I’m not mistaken.

Some queries on the search are also pointing out to introduction of pechay, related literature, growth stages and also parts which is really I think they want to know deeper knowledge about this kind of vegetable.

There are strands and tracks in the Senior High School like TVL-Horticulture that started to make their Practical Research I, II and III. Also some college students if I’m not mistaken.

Some of them also are making an experiment about that will surely help other people and also farmer with the result they might found. They are making new technology that will surely help people to grow vegetable in the next following years.

The best reason why pechay is great to grow is, it takes few days to grow and harvest. Almost 30 to 45 days you can start harvesting this vegetable. Cook it and serve for the family.

Aside from that it needs just more water to grow well. Water it twice a day in the morning and late in the afternoon.

So, start making your pechay garden whenever you are.

Thank you for reading this article about pechay in english. Hope you learn something even as little as possible. Thank you for your time and effort and we are very thankful for it. Hope you have a good day and stay tuned.