Pechay Plant: How popular it is?

Pechay Plant

Pechay Plant

The pechay plant is one of the vegetables growing in the Philippines. This vegetable is easy to grow. It takes less time to grow, around 30-45 days. Another thing it also has many best recipes like tilapia with pechay recipe. But our topic today is.

How popular is pechay plant?

Estimated about more or less 480 people are searching for the phrase “pechay plant” each month in the Philippines using a keyword research tool. Meaning 5760 people are searching for that term specifically in a year.

But there are about 103 million people in the Philippines. So it means that it has a 0.005% popularity all across the country. It’s pretty low.

Also, around 590 people are searching for the term “how to plant pechay” each month. That’s around 7,080 per year and has a 0.007% popularity. Also, pretty low.

Despite it is very easy to grow. It needs just some adequate water and a great source of sunlight. The pechay plant is not so popular in the country. So let us talk about it more profound and know the answer.

Some Factors Why Pechay Plant is not so Popular

1. There are few farmers in the country

Even the Philippines have a wide range of landmasses; few of them are not farmers, gardeners, or even have a passion for gardening.

Some of them don’t want to touch the soil. Some are also don’t want to be a farmer because they might know that it is tough work to do and can’t do it.

A farmer they might be thinking about is a person on the farm plowing the soil and harrowing with the help of carabao or even a tractor. But technologies improve so it will be easy to do. It just needs a passion to be easier.

Also, few students in the school dream about being a farmer or a gardener. Most of them want to be teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, chef actresses, and many more. They want to be in the infrastructure industry, not the agriculture industry.

They want to be in an office in the shade while working for other reasons. But people should think about farming or gardening is very important because we get food coming from the plants. How can we cook the pechay plant and serve and eat it if no one will plant it?

It will increase in number if there are more gardeners in the country.

2.They have no interest in pechay

Another reason why the pechay plant is not so popular is that only a few are interested. Some farmers or gardeners are planting trees, flowers, and other vegetables. So I think this is also another reason.

Some people in the country are planting roses, orchids, tulips, sunflowers, bougainvillea, and other kinds of flowers. Others are growing mangoes, bananas, guyabano, cacao, guavas, avocado, watermelon, and many others. Also, some are growing eggplant, tomato, bottle gourd, okra, malunggay, ampalaya, and others.

It is about the people’s interest. Some of them like to grow flowers, fruit, or vegetable. They love specific plants to grow. Some reasons are because they want the colors like the flowers. Some are fruit tree bearing that produces a bunch of fruits. And also, some make shade. So it is in the peoples’ interest why pechay plant is not so popular.

People have some plants they love very much.

3.They have no Internet Connection

This is also another thing. Not all in the country have an internet connection. They cannot go to the web and search for something else like “pechay plant.”

Some people have no internet connection that they can use to surf the web. Or even they have the internet, and they are using the free data mode. Meaning they cannot go to the search places like Google, Bing, or Yandex. Even on Youtube. They can use the free Facebook.

Some people also have no laptop or even cellphone device. Not all people in the country have a cellphone, so that’s also another reason why the pechay plant is not so popular.


Many factors affect why the pechay plant is not so popular. Few people who are having an interest in gardening. Some people also have no gadget device to use to surf the web.