How To Care For A Moringa Plant During Winter?

Wondering how to care for a moringa plant during winter? Caring for a Moringa plant during winter can be a challenging task, especially due to its tropical origins. It’s a season where your green thumb needs to be as nurturing and protective as possible. But with the right knowledge and measures, you can ensure your … Read more

Simple Steps in Planting Malunggay

Today, learn the simple steps in planting malunggay. Malunggay or moringa is one of the most healthiest vegetables on earth. It has many vitamins and minerals that actually help our body. So we need to plant this tree. So here are the step by simple steps in planting malunggay below. How to Grow Malunggay From … Read more

Growth Stages of Malunggay and Life Cycle

Learn the growth stages of malunggay (moringa) and its life cycle. Malunggay is rich in vitamins and minerals, which are good for health. There are lots of people who buy malunggay leaves because it’s healthy. They even start growing this plant to get leaves every time, the growth stages of malunggay. Let’s go. So, what … Read more

7 Parts of Malunggay

Today, learn the parts of malunggay. A few tiny leaves fall from a malunggay tree or moringa tree. This is very small and has a circular shape. This is smooth and has a nice smell. But, do you know the parts of malunggay? Leaves are just one, but there are many other parts so let … Read more