Simple Steps in Planting Malunggay

Simple Steps in Planting Malunggay

Today, learn the simple steps in planting malunggay. Malunggay or moringa is one of the most healthiest vegetables on earth. It has many vitamins and minerals that actually help our body. So we need to plant this tree. So here are the step by simple steps in planting malunggay below.

How to Grow Malunggay From Seeds

The malunggay tree bears some pods after few years. This pods turn to brown and start to become dry.

When the malunggay pods are dry, you can get some seeds inside. The seeds can be use to grow malunggay. The steps in planting malunggay from seeds is here.

To grow malunggay from seeds, get a dry seeds from the dry pods. One malunggay pod can consist of about five to 10 seeds.

Get some polyethelyn bag, containers or any materials which you can use in growing malunggay seeds.

When you have now those containers, make a hole under it that will serve as a drainage. Then, start putting soil inside. You can put either loam soil or sand soil but try to avoid the clay soil.

Then start planting the malunggay seeds inside the container by making one to two inches deep hole and then cover it with some soil.

If the container is small enough put one seed and plant more seedd to the bigger one. Water it after. After a week, the malunggay seeds will start germinating.

After few weeks, the malunggay seeds will grow and turn to a young malunggay seedlings. When the seedlings have 12 inches height you can start planting it to the soil.

Find now a best location in growing your malunggay plant. Look for a place where it is not shaded and make sure that the sunlight will hit the plants. The malunggay needs sunlight in order for it to grow well.

Then, on the soil make a hole around three to four inches deep for a malunggay seedlings with 12 inches height. If you will plant more malunggay put at least one meter a part as your planting distance. Then cover it with some soil. Water it after.

The malunggay will continues to grow. After few more years you can now get the leaves of this tree and cook.

How to Grow Malunggay At Home

To grow malunggay at home, pick either through seeds or through stem. But usually malunggay stem is most commonly planted so this procedure is about growing malunggay through cuttings at home.

Pick an older branch of malunggay. Then using a knife cut it from the mother tree. Then, at your home find a place to grow your malunggay. Find a spot where it will be hitted by the sunlight.

Make a hole on the soil around 12 inches deep and plant the malunggay stem. Cover it with some soil and put some rocks around to make it stonger. Also avoid watering the stem so that it will start to grow. Watering the stem will lead it to decay.

How to Grow Malunggay In Container

Can we grow malunggay in the container. Yes you can grow malunggay in the container but get those big container so that it can grow into maximum.

Growing Malunggay Seeds in the Container

To grow malunggay in the container get malunggay seeds first. Get a big container and make holes under it. Then put some soil inside. Make the soil pulvirize to make it easy for you to plant malunggay seeds. Make a hole on the soil around two inch deep and put one seed. Water it and after a week the seeds will start to grow.

When the malunggay seeds grow it will turn into a seedling. It will continues to grow and add more soil to the base to make it stronger. Water it regularly but avoid it everyday, twice a week will be fine.

The malunggay will turn into a tree and will grow taller. Put some rocks on the side of the container that will serve as a support, so that it will not fall down. After a few years you can now get more leaves of the malunggay.

Growing Malunggay Stem in Container

To grow malunggay stem in container, pick an older malunggay stem. Get a knife and cut it from the mother tree. Then remove all the leaves. Cut the base of the stem into diagonal.

Get the container, make a hole under and fill with soil. Then, moist the malunggay stem with some water. After that make a hole in the container around 12 inches deep. You can also adjust depends upon on the length of the stem.

Cover it with soil and put some small rocks that will serve as support to the stem. After a month you will see a progressive growth. And also to make have a positive result, make sure that it will not be shake or move or else it will not grow.

How to Grow Malunggay From Cuttings

Growing malunggay from cuttings or in other term growing malunggay from stem is just the same. You cut the stem and grow it in the soil. You can grow the stem in soil or in the container as long as it will have enough space for the tree to grow.

How to Germinate Malunggay Seeds 

Germinating malunggay seeds is easy.You need to find first a dry malunggay seeds. Then, get some plastic or container and put some soil inside. Then put the seeds and water it after. The malunggay seeds will start germinating more or less a week long.

How deep to plant malunggay

If you are planting the seeds, plant it about one to two inch deep. While on the stem, plant it around 12 inches or more deep.

How to Grow Malunggay In the Urban Places

In this location it is a little bit hard to find a soil to grow malunggay so just grow it in the container. And also growing malunggay in the container is already there so just read the whole procedure above.

Also when growing malunggay in the city, place it where it will not be move or shake.

Malunggay Pruning

Will be pruning best for malunggay? Yes pruning will help the tree to produce more young stem which produce a better leaves. Cut those older branches and after a month you it will produce more younger stem.

How long to grow Malunggay

It takes years to grow malunggay. Around two to five years before you can get its leaves when you grow it from seeds. And around one to three years if you plant it by stem.

Malunggay Planting Distance

Plant the malunggay seedlings around one meter apart. And also for the stem, the same also put a meter planting distance.

When to water Malunggay

If you plant it through the seeds or seedlings, water it at least twice a week. And if you plant it through cuttings, seldom water it as it don’t need much water. Water makes the stem to rotten so try to avoid watering the stem.

How to Apply Fertilizer on Malunggay

Put some organic fertilizer made up of organic matters like dry leaves, grasses, wood chips and animal manure. This will help to maintain moisture of the soil and improve its nutients.

How to Care for Malunggay

Two things to remember. Number one is seldom water it. This tree doesn’t need water because too much water will makes it to rotten. Two pruning is a must. Pruning will cut the older stem and with the help of that it will produce more younger healthy stem.

What kind of Soil that Suit for Malunggay

The best soil for it is the sand soil. On this kind of soil, the growth rate of this plant is really high. So that best soil for this plant is sand soil.

Thank you for reading this article about steps in planting malunggay. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. More upcoming post so enjoy your stay and hope you comeback. Thank you.