Why Are Apple Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

Growing apple trees is fun not when their leaves started turning yellow. When the leaves are yellow instead of green there is something affecting the apple trees’ growth. If there are lots of yellow leaves, the apple tree cannot produce more food because yellow leaves cannot function well to convert sunlight into food. But what … Read more

Why Do Some Apples Have No Seeds?

apples have no seeds

Apples are a delicious fruit that is enjoyed by many people around the world. However, there are some apples that don’t have seeds. Why does this happen? Well, you’ll be surprised to know it’s actually because of the environment in which they grow and some other factors. What Causes Some Apples to Have No Seeds? … Read more

Apple Tree Growth Stages: How Does It Grow?

apple tree growth stages

An apple tree produces delicious fruits but one cool thing to see is how this tree grows and how the fruits are formed. Most apple trees are grown through grafting because it is one of the fastest ways to harvest apples. But how will an apple tree grow if it is going to grow from … Read more

6 Causes Why Are Apple Tree Leaves Curling

Why are apple tree leaves curling? Apples taste delicious and a lot of people enjoy eating this kind of fruit. There are many varieties that you can actually see at the market. Because of the lovely taste of apples, some people start growing apple trees in their homes. They buy some apple trees from nurseries … Read more