Calamansi Vs Kumquat: What Are The Differences?

calamansi vs kumquat

There are many kinds of citrus that bear fruits. Some of them taste sour and some are sweet. Citrus fruits have many uses. It can be use to mix on some food, make juices and many other things. There are people started growing this tree at their backyard. It gives them more fruits when harvesting comes. Just like the calamansi and kumquat. Are these citrus the same, the calamansi vs kumquat?

People have their own like citrus. Some of them like oranges but don’t like lemon and vise-versa. They have their own way on how to consume and where to use them.

Calamansi Vs Kumquat: What Are The Differences?


The taste of calamansi is bitter and sour while the kumquat is a little bit sweet and sour. The juice of the calamansi is being consume. People make juices with the use of it. It can also mix on some dishes to have a more delicious taste. The kumquat is use to mix on salads, breads, cake, cookies, etc. Both calamansi and kumquat is use to marinade chicken, meat or make sauces.


The fruit of calamansi is small, a little bit bigger compare to marbles. Its shape is round and the color is green when not ripe and changes its color to yellow and completely orange when totally ripe. While the kumquat is round to oblong in shape. It is bigger compare to calamansi because its oblong shape. Its color is also green when unripe and turn to orange-yellow when ripe. Both of the two citrus grow on tree.

Tree Height

The calamansi tree grows around 10 to 20 m (3-6 feet) but it can grow as heigh as 25 feet (7.6 m) while the kumquat grows around 2.4 to 4.5 m (8-15 feet). The height of the tree will depends upon on the variety, standard one will grow taller and dwarf will grow shorter. Also when the tree gets more sunlight, water and fertilizer it will thrives well. If you want your tree to grow shorter then pruning will help.


The calamansi and kumquat flower is color white, has a fragrant smell, small and soft. The size is just quite similar. They produces more flowers and those flowers turn into fruits after a time. The water, sunlight and fertilizer will help to encourage the tree to produce more flowers. Not all flowers will form into fruit and its normal to see some flowers are falling.


The kumquat and calamansi seeds are just similar. You will see just a very small difference. They are both slippery and the seeds are hard. The seeds have a coated cover.


The calamansi and kumquat both grow thorns on their bark and branches. During their early stage its possible to see no thorns but as they grow older it will show off. Having thorns on citrus tree is common but not all of them have thorns. Some varieties of citrus also don’t grow it.


The kumquat leaf is a little bit longer compare to calamansi leaf. They are the same in color which is green and turns yellow to brown as they grows older as part of their growth. Both leaves produces good smell. They are also thin and oblong in shape with pointed tips on both end.

Bark and Branches

Their bark is just quite similar. It grows bigger as times goes by. Its color is green when young and changes to brown when grows older, the same to its branches.


The roots of them are small when young and grows bigger as times goes by. They are white in color and turns to brown after a few weeks or months. Their roots are not invasive and it will not damage stractures. To care for their roots don’t water too much to prevent root rot. Too much water will cause stress to the tree.

Nutritional Value

Both calamansi and kumquat is rich in vitamin c. Vitamin c is good for the body to have strong immune system.

What Is The Difference Between Kumquat And Calamansi?

The difference is kumquat fruit is bigger and sweet-sour compare to calamansi which is quite small and bitter-sour taste. The calamansi tree is taller compare to kumquat. Knowing the kumquat vs calamansi is great.

Are The Kumquats And Calamansi The Same?

No, kumquats and calamansi are not the same. They are different tree to each other. But they are both belongs to citrus family.

Those are some informations about calamansi vs kumquat. These citrus trees are great to grow. There are ways on how to grow them and its great to have one at home. You can also buy from nursery to get fruits faster.