What is Urban Garden?

What is Urban garden

It is great to know what is urban garden. Many people are asking what the urban garden is? Well, urban garden is a combination of the word urban and garden. It means that it has a garden inside the city.

That is a simple way to know well what is an urban garden. There are many things to do to understand what it is really about. So here is some information that may help you to know more about what is an urban garden.

Why urban garden is created?

The urban garden is created because people want to grow plants. Since in the city, there are many buildings, establishments, schools, and many structures that are made up of cement, it is hard to grow plants there. That’s why the urban garden is being created.

People can grow vegetables and flowers inside pots or containers. They grow it inside the containers or pots because they cannot grow it on the soil since everywhere is made up of cement blocks.

Usually, people place the pots with growing plants inside either on the front of their house on the walls or wherever they want. They want to grow vegetables or plants to produce foods, just like an example.

People grow tomatoes inside the pots. Then when the tomato grows well, it will produce a bunch of tomatoes. Those tomatoes are good enough for the family. They will no longer buy tomatoes at the market since they have tomatoes in their backyard.

Another example is people grow flowers inside the paths because flowers are beautiful. It produces a fragrant smell, and it beautifies the environment. Another thing is they want to grow flowers because they love flowers.

Another reason people create their own business is to earn money. When they have a business, it is a good investment because they will have enough money for their family for their future, and also it helps people around their place.

Who are the people making urban garde?

The people in the city or urban places are the people who are making it. Since they live in an urban or city, they will be called the people creating it.

Anybody in the city or urban can make a garden at any age. Children, teenagers, adults, and even older make gardens at their houses because they love plants. It is lovely to see that there are many plants inside the city. Knowing what is urban garden guides people.

What can you grow?

There are many varieties of plants that you can grow in the garden. Usually, the smaller plants are being grown because it is smaller enough to grow inside the pot since the pots have only a few cm deep, which is sufficient to develop a simple plant.

The best tables you can grow are tomatoes, eggplant, okra, garlic, onion, ginger, and many more. You can also grow flowers like orchids, roses, jasmine, Lantana, snake plant, daisy, bougainvillea, and any other smaller flowers.

Another thing is you can also grow trees, but you should pick those dwarfs once. There are dwarf papaya trees that you can grow inside a drum or pale. Also, you can grow dwarf citrus trees. Since those trees are, they will grow nicely inside the containers.

What are the necessary things needed to make an urban garden?

Well, if you’re planning to make an urban garden, you need some pots or containers, trowels that you will use in cultivating around the plants, sprinkler or water hose soil, fertilizer, and you can also use water spray.

There are many other gardening tools that you can use, but if you have no soil around your house, those things are pretty okay.

Can anybody make an urban garden?
Well, as I said a while ago, anybody can grow or make an urban garden. Children, teenagers, adults, and older ones can make their gardens.

Why it is important to make an urban garden?

It is essential to make an urban garden because through gardening you will be happy, it is a stress reliever, another thing it will increase oxygen into the air. Also, when many vegetables are growing, it will produce more harvest, which is pretty cool.

Also, we people need plants because we have no foods to eat without those plants.

Thank you for reading this article about what is an Urban Garden.