Why Guava Leaves Turning Brown?

why guava leaves turning brown

There are some problems on the guava tree like why guava leaves turning brown. It can happen and there are cause/s why it happen. Some cause are easily to figure out but some are hard. It is great to know the root of the problem to apply the best solution as soon as possible. When the problem is fix the tree will continues to grow.

Cause By Anthracnose

There are many other problems that Anthracnose can cause but it may also a cause why guava leaves turning brown. This disease is affecting lots of trees and plants. Its not great when there are disease on the tree because it is place the tree in not good condition. Applying fungicides will help to get rid of Anthracnose. When the disease is gone the tree will started to recover.

There are other ways to prevent Anthracnose on the guava leaves. Choosing anthracnose-resistant guava trees is great so that even it comes to your tree, it will be fine because they are strong. It is a relief knowing that your tree is strong and will not be worrying about that disease. The tree will grows well and more flowers and fruits will grow bigger.

But what if you don’t find anthracnose-resistant varieties? Well what you can do is take care of your tree. Monitor them regularly and if you find out some of the leaves on the tree are turning brown you have an idea if your tree is attack by anthracnose. And after that do some treatment to fix the problem.

Salt On The Soil

Having salt on the soil might cause browning of leaves on guava tree. If you feed your tree with chemicals like fertilizer, the salt might build up on the soil. The best thing to do is to water it. The water will dissolves the salt and the tree will recovers after few days or weeks.

There are also cases that some people throws salt on the soil where your guava tree is planted. Then after a few days you started to notice that there are lots of brown leaves on your tree. Watering the tree will helps to remove the excess salt on the soil. The salinity level is quite high if there are salt but it becomes lower once they are gone.

If the salt is not the cause why guava leaves turning brown, you need to find out what is the main reason. There are other things to know so that you will fix the problem. Once you know it, you will started to apply some solution to the problem. The tree will back to normal once treated.

Damage Roots

If the guava roots are damage, it can cause browning of the leaves. It tree might not getting enough water and the leaves started to turns brown. The leaves needs water and if the roots are not functioning well lots of brown leaves will show. There are reasons why the roots are damage. It can be because of disease or other reasons like too much water is applied which cause root rot.

Root rot can happen when you over water the guava tree. Too much water will make the roots moist for a little bit long time. During that period some disease might attack the roots. They started damaging it and the function of it starts to disappear. It stop transferring water and nutrients to the tree.

Too much rain which cause flood is another reason why root rot happen. When there are floods on your area, the tree roots will be place under the water for a quite time. If you don’t have a good drainage system, there is a possibility that the roots will be damage. It is nice to make a good drainage system to protect your tree.

Lack Of Water

Lack of water can also be a cause of browning of the leaves on guava tree. This is because there is no enough water supply going into the tree and the leaves will be affected. They need enough water regularly to maintain their good condition. There are some great tools that can be use to water the guava tree. In will be faster and effortless to do.

There are times that the weather is so hot especially during summer. During that period, the tree needs a lot of water to stays fresh and cool. The water will help the leaves to stays green and thriving well. The water will also helps the flowers and fruits becomes bigger and the tree will live and prevents browning of the leaves.

So if you see that lots of leaves are turning brown on your guava tree, giving them enough water might help. If you don’t give enough water to your tree, it might be the possible reason of having brown leaves on the tree. You will see some improvements after a few days. But if you are giving enough water to your tree and still see brown leaves, possible there is another cause. You need to figure it out as soon as possible.

Too Much Water

Too much water can cause wilting and yellowing of the leaves but it can also cause browning of leaves. Those will be the effect of over watering. There are cases why it happen maybe the person who water the tree gives too much water or maybe because of the weather. If that happen leaves might turn brown.

There are times that storm or heavy rains came and the tree is place under the flood. Floods gives too much water on the tree and they can’t handle too much water. The result will be more yellow and brown leaves. It will place the tree in a bad situation. A good drainage system will help to prevent the tree from flood.

Too Much Sunlight Can Damage The Guava Leaves

Guava tree grows well in tropical and sub-tropical countries. They love more sunlight which helps them grow. But there are times that too much sunlight can burn their leaves. Since the sunlight is hot, it can damage those parts. It can happen when the weather is too hot especially during summer season.

Young and old guava trees can experience browning of the leaves because of the hot weather. It can be especially if a particular location is near the equator where the weather is hot. The leaves will slowly turns brown. If the tree is belongs to dwarf varieties, its great to grow inside the pot and place it under the shade when the weather is too hot.

Transplant Shock

There are people buys guava seedlings from the nursery and then they transplant it into their yards. Transplanting can cause shock to the sapling which cause browning of the leaves and wilting. Its really important that during transplanting you need to be careful on holding the seedlings so that it will not be move so much. The soil should stays compacted and slowly remove the seedling from the pot. Then carefully transfer it on the ground.

The hole on the ground should a little bit bigger on the root ball. Making it bigger will give the roots enough space to grow and spread. Put some soil on the roots and applying water will helps the roots to start establishing. After a week if you do it well, you will not see any problem but if you see some brown leaves the tree experience transplant shock.

Old Leaves

Another reason why guava leaves turning brown is old leaves. The tree produces new leaves continuously. Those new leaves will grow bigger and older. When they reach their maximum growth they will started to turn yellow and eventually turn brown. You don’t need to worry because it is part of their growth.

New leaves will grow and some will turn brown and fall. Those brown leaves are not processing sunlight unlike to those young green leaves. Its a cycle for the tree and its normal.

Those are some informations about why guava leaves turning brown. Some of the reasons why it happen are because of old leaves, lack or too much water, salt on the soil, Anthracnose, transplant shock, sunburn and damage roots. Those are the possible reasons why you see lots of brown leaves on your guava tree.