Do Avocado Trees Lose Their Leaves In Winter?

do avocado trees lose their leaves in winter

Some growers might wonder if do avocado trees lose their leaves in winter. They might think about it especially when they are new to grow avocado tree. This tree is producing delicious fruits and rich in fiber. There are many countries growing this tree and the production increases. Lots of events will experience by the grower while the tree is still growing.

Do Avocado Trees Lose Their Leaves In Winter?

No, avocado trees don’t lose their leaves in winter. The avocado is not a deciduous tree and they are belongs to evergreen type trees. They are not losing their leaves during the winter unlike to deciduous trees. When the winter comes, the leaves of avocado tree doesn’t fall. They are still connected to the branches.

But even the avocado trees don’t lose their leaves in winter, there are still possibility for the trees to drop their leaves depends upon on the cause. Old avocado leaves will fall sooner. Its normal for the old leaves to drop because they reach their maximum growth. The old leaves will fall and the new leaves will grow. The growth of the leaves is a cycle, new one will grow and old will fall, then new one will grow again.

Other reasons why avocado trees lose their leaves is due to pests and diseases. Some pests and diseases will damage the tree and it makes the tree to grow poorer. If not controlled the damage will becomes bigger and place the tree in not good condition. It might cause for the tree to lose their leaves. To prevent it, treatment must be applied as early as possible to prevent further damage on the tree.

Do Avocado Trees Lose Their Leaves In Spring?

There are times that avocado leaves drop especially when they are old. Old leaves tends to drop and replace it with new one. But how about during the spring, does avocado tree lose their leaves or not? The spring season is the start of the coming hot weather, some leaves of avocado might drop but since there are frost hardy varieties it will not lose much leaves. The tree is growing well in tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Do Avocado Trees Lose Their Leaves When Flowering?

Yes, some varieties of avocado trees lose their leaves when flowering. Its part of their growth too see it drops. But not all kinds of avocado tree lose leaves during flowering. Only few tree varieties experience this. It can lose its leaves prior or during flowering.

Are Avocado Trees Deciduous Or Evergreen?

The avocado trees are evergreen. They are not deciduous and don’t lose their leaves during fall and winter. This tree don’t go dormant. The evergreen trees don’t shed their leaves all year round. Some reasons why evergreen trees lose their leaves are because of pests, diseases, lack or too much water, improper fertilization, lack of sunlight or the leaves are old.

Can Avocado Trees Survive Winter?

Yes, some varieties of avocado trees can survive winter. There are varieties that are hardy can tolerate cold. Some cold tolerance avocado tree varieties are Tonnage, Tayor, Meya, Brookslate, Mexicola, Brogdon, Winter Mexican, Reed, Hall, Beta, Choquette, Loretta, etc. Its great to grow those kind of trees especially if the location experience cold climate.

Some Reasons Why Avocado Lose Leaves

Mites can cause for the avocado trees to drop its leaves. This pest can cause some damage on the tree that affect its leaves. When the leaves are dropping it will affect the tree to make its food. Its because if there are only few leaves left on the tree, only few leaves can get sunlight and converts it into food. The tree will not grow well.

Mites can cause a serious problem for the tree. Controlling them is needed to prevent further damage on the tree. Some of the sprays that can be use are neem oil, horticultural oil, azadirachtin and pyrethrins. This works well to control the mites off the tree. The avocado tree will be safe if there are no mites on the tree.

Root rot (Phytophthora) is a kind of disease of the tree. This causes wilting, stunting and discolored leaves of the tree. The roots are not working well. The floods and overwatering can cause root rot. So better to make some action to prevent this to happen.

When there are lots of rain for a little bit time and flood happens, its not good for the tree. The roots will be place under the water and it can cause root to rot and drowned the tree. A good water ways can help to prevent it to happen, good drainage is important. Another thing is when watering the tree, just apply enough water for the tree to prevent overwatering.

Lack of Sunlight

Lack of light can also cause for the avocado tree to lose its leaves. The sunlight is very important for the tree to create its food. Without the light, the tree cannot create its food well. There will be less food for the tree. It can affect the leaves, turn yellow and drop.

Improper fertilization can also cause for the leaves to lose. Too much fertilizer can happen sometimes and it can affect the tree. Enough fertilizer is what the tree needs, and to prevent over fertilizing a good measurement or tools can hep to prevent it.

Damage on the branches. If there are damage on the branches, some of the leaves on it might also drop. If the branches are separated from the bark, the leaves on that part will turn to yellow and becomes brown and drop. Damage branches can happen if strong winds blow.

Those are some informations about do avocado trees lose their leaves in winter. The avocado tree is evergreen tree and doesn’t shed their leaves during winter. There are some varieties of the tree that are cold-tolerant. Its great to grow this tree because its fruit is rich in fiber which is good for our health.