When do Calamansi Trees Bloom?

When do calamansi trees bloom

There are many citrus growers in the world. Also there are different kinds of citrus and one of them is calamansi. Some of them are new in growing this kind of citrus and they ask a question when do calamansi trees bloom?

Calamansi belongs to the citrus family. Calamansi is called in the Philippines and in some countries it is called calamondin. It has a scientific name (Citrofortunella mitis). It grows from 6 1/2 to 25 feet tall upon maturity. It bears abundant small orange-like fruits, with dark green foliage and white fragrant flowers. Here’s when do calamansi trees bloom.

The calamansi tree starts to bloom flowers and fruits when its already 2 to 3 years old. The white flowers began to blooms and then it turns to calamansi fruits. The fruits can be harvested when the color of the peel looks pale green or wait until they are fully ripe like the orange color. It will produce abundant fruits during blooming season.

In some cases, even the calamansi age 2 to 3 years old, still they are not producing flowers and fruits. Not one but there are many calamansi growers facing this issue. They are trying to find the answer why their citrus are not bearing fruits, so. Here are the reason why calamansi are not producing fruits.

Nutrition Deficiencies

One reason, it is lack on nutrients. Calamansi needs some nutrients coming from the soil to make it bear fruits. It needs some fertilizer or compost to push it in producing abundant of flowers that eventually turns into fruits. Fertilizers can help the calamansi to bloom more flowers.

You can use organic fertilizer to supply nutrients on the tree. Organic fertilizers are free from chemical and they are natural. This can be compose of grasses, leaves, wood chips, animal manure or any organic matters. You can use this and mix it on the soil. This will help to improve the status of soil nutrients and improve trees health.

You can also use in organic fertilizer. In the first year, fertilize the calamansi with 2/3 cup of urea and 16-20-0 fertilizers mixed every 4 months. When the calamansi tree reaches 2 years old, apply 3 pounds of 12-24-12 fertilizer two months after it blooms flowers and two months after harvest. When the tree is already 8 years old, apply 4 to 6 pounds of 12-24-12 with the same schedule to 16-20-0.

Right watering system

When you try to ask when do calamansi trees bloom, you can expect it in lesser time when you do the right system. One of those is the right watering system. Young calamansi trees needs adequate water. Water it until the soils feels damp. Apply water continuously whenever the soil feels dry. The roots will establish within three to five years.

Through watering, calamansi trees can be forced to flush and bloom flowers. It can happen when you do heavy watering 1 to 2 months before the normal flowering time. Heavy watering doesn’t mean you are going to water it everyday, it means you need to apply more water at least twice or thrice a week until its flowering time. Caution, too much water can affect calamansi roots and it might be rot its roots.

Sunlight is a must

Another way that you can tell when do calamansi trees bloom is when it gets more sunshines. In order for the calamansi tree to blooms more flowers and fruits, it needs to get a decent amount of sunlight. Sunlight is the major food of the plant. Without the sunlight, the plants cannot grow well. Sunlight helps the plant to grow its stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

To attain most of the sunlight, you need to grow calamansi in an open area where sunlight will be hitted. If you grow it in a pot, place it outside where it will get the lights it need. You can also remove those shades or barriers that block the sun. Full sunlight is also good for calamansi tree. This will improve leaves appearance.

Summary: When do calamansi bear fruits? It start bearing fruits when its already 2 to 3 years old. It blooms more flowers and fruits. The fruits are color pale green when not ripe and color orange when already ripe.

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