How Much Sunlight Does Calamansi Need?

How much sunlight does calamansi need

Most of the plants need sunlight in order to grow well. Sunlight serves as the major food of every plant. There are plants that like full sunlight and it helps them to grow well. Like calamansi a family of citrus plant, so. How much sunlight does calamansi need?

Calamansi needs to get at least 6 hours of direct hit of sunlight daily. Receiving enough sun helps calamansi to bloom and bear lots of flowers and fruits all year round. Sunlight and temperature improves the overall growth of the tree making it more healthy. It is better to choose a location where there is a lot of sunlight.

Sunlight Additional Info. and Tips:

Calamansi seedlings – need at least 4 hours of direct hit of sunlight per day. The seedlings are smaller size plants which have few leaves and few branches. The seedlings need temperature ranging from 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 21 degrees Celsius.

Place the calamansi seedlings in a place where it is bright but not directly hit by the sunlight. Let the plants to grow a few sets of leaves and spread its roots. Apply water continuously whenever the soil is dry. Keep caring for the seedlings and it will grow better and healthier.

Choose a place or area where sunlight is abundant. For those bigger size calamansi in order to have a best year every year, you need to plant them in an open area where it can receive 6 hours of sunlight. It can sustain and bear more fruits all year round. Bigger size calamansi needs to get more sunlight compare to those smaller one.

Growing calamansi in full sun is necessary for the better growth. It will produce more roots, leaves, branches, flowers and fruits. Proper exposure to the sunlight and better temperature will definitely improve its whole parts and productivity.

In some parts of the globe, their temperature is so high. When calamansi gets high temperature than normal, it might get burn and turn crispy golden brown. So, for those location which are receiving high temperature, calamansi needs to put them partially in shaded area. In this way they can still get sunlight without burning their leaves. That’s how much sunlight does calamansi need.

The plant is better if the soil is not too moist. Well, soil is very important to plant. Also it encourages the plant to blooms more flowers when it receives more sunlight coming from the sun. Usually, water the calamansi until the soil feels damp. Water it in proper way.

Younger trees needs about 1 inch of water per week as it started to grow its leaves and roots. Continuously apply water everytime the soil are dry. Growing calamondin in full direct hit of sunlight is required for healthy and better growth.

Calamansi trees grow in tropical and subtropical climate. This lime should be exposed under the same condition as possible. Full sun, warm temperature, not too moist soil, humid and so on can help the plants better.

Growing calamansi takes some efforts in order for it to work well. Applying the fertilizer and care it needs for it to grow. But, you must focus on what it need most, its on its food. The sunlight is the main food of calamansi. If you are asking how much sunlight does calamansi need, the answer is at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. It is the average. For those seedlings it needs at least 4 hours.

Having a calamansi tree in the backyard can help the family. Gardening makes people happy. When the tree started to bloom some flowers and then eventually it will turn into fruits, then harvest time will come sooner. When it happen gardener will become more happy. Also even calamansi taste sour, it is rich in vitamin c which boost people immune system. Calamansi is really helpful to people.

Growing calamansi takes 2 to 3 years before it started to produce fruits. It will produce flowers. The flowers has a fragrant smell. The fruits of this tree is small. It is green to pale green when not ripe and color orange when ripe. It can contain around 4 to 7 seeds per fruit. Grow calamansi under the sun.

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