What is Ampalaya in English? Decoding the Bitter Gourd

What is Ampalaya in English

Ampalaya in English

So, what is ampalaya in English? The ampalaya in English is bitter melon, bitter gourd, amargoso, or balsam apple.

What is the scientific name of Ampalaya? The scientific name of ampalaya is Momordica charantia.

Well, that is what we call ampalaya in English. It is so easy to know the answer because of many sources on the internet of what the ampalaya in English is. So you can understand what they are them.

Also, if you read some articles and resources in the book, you can still know them, and they are juicy the same. In something, if you still want to read this whole text below, you can understand some sentences that can help you use the word ampalaya. So let’s know some other information.

Sentences About Ampalaya in English Language

  1. Mang Jose buy 10 fresh ampalaya in the market yesterday.
  2. Leo buy some ampalaya seeds in the agriculture store last wednesday and he planted it a while ago in their backyard.
  3. There are many hanging ampalaya fruits in the wide plantation of the rich family below the mountain.
  4. The customers from America are very happy when they eat at the restaurant because they eat the super delicious ampalaya vegetable with egg recipe.
  5. The gardeners are very happy when they see that the ampalaya are starting to show some yellow flowers because they know it will takes some weeks before it will started to show some fruits.
  6. Out of 10 contestant, nine of them use ampalaya as their main ingredient at the contest that was held at the sports complex near the city of Laguna.
  7. There are many delicious vegetables but the ampalaya is the most favorite of the three children that play chess during weekend.
  8. Caring for ampalaya plant is easy as you need just to water, to apply fertilizer, to remove some pest and plant it where there are abundant direct hit of sunlight.
  9. Some five tired pretty women eat ampalaya yesterday at the gymnasium.
  10. There are many ampalaya vegetables grows in the wide plantation of the Cruz family that help many farmers in the area.

Some short story related to ampalaya is. When I was an elementary student in one school in our village, I experienced how to grow ampalaya in our school. During that time, I see how it develops. I noticed that the soil where we grow the ampalaya is mud soil.

Then I think it will not grow well as it is not a great soil for planting. But still, those vegetables are planted on it. When it starts to grow, it produces some good leaves but not as better compared to the vegetable planted in the loam soil.

Then, after a few months, it started to flower and to fruit. As is expected, it produces not such a great fruit. And also it gives a few fruits only. So the conclusion always tries to find a location where the soil is loam soil, and there’s an abundant source of sunlight. It will grow best.

Cooking and eating ampalaya

Well, in terms of cooking ampalaya, there are many tutorials there, especially on the internet and also on youtube. They show how to cook ampalaya and in this way you can easily follow because the language of cooking ampalaya in English is very easy to understand.

An excellent recipe for ampalaya is mixed with some egg. Yes, that is one recipe that has excellent taste. Also, some of the water content of it is delicious. There are kinds of ampalaya that taste bitter, but there are also taste not so bitter. Some say that the white on the ampalaya cause a bitter taste, but in some kind, it is still has a good taste.

Another recipe is the ampalaya with chickens’ liver. That is also a great recipe. Usually, this dish is commonly served during the fiesta. Many people want to eat it and best to serve for your visitors. But this is also being served in some restaurants and carenderias out there to maximize and make their entire customers happy.

Also, for some growers out there, ampalaya is best to grow. In this case, you need to have some quality seeds that you can use in farming. You can buy some seeds in the agriculture store and be satisfied with what seeds they are selling.

In terms of process, you need to prepare the soil and find the best location with an abundant source of direct sunlight for at least 4 hours. It will be enough, and we need to ensure that it will be getting by them. They need some foods to eat.

Also, don’t forget the other some factors to know. It would help if you watered it regularly to improve its growth. You need to put some fertilizer to improve its soil.

Another thing is how you will take care of it. There are some destroyers out there, and you need to be careful of it. Some weeds and pests might attack your garden, and you need to be aware.

And lastly, be happy and enjoy what you are doing. It is excellent to know what is ampalaya ing English.