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Is Bitter Gourd Self Pollinating? (Ampalaya)

Is bitter gourd self pollinating? If you are a first-timer growing bitter gourd, sometimes you will encounter challenges in growing this plant. You will experience some problems with the plant and you will fix them. Just like the problem with fruits. Sometimes bitter gourds do not produce fruits and you will wonder if this plant […]

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Soil For Bitter Gourds (Ampalaya)

What is the best soil for bitter gourds? There are many types of soil and some of those types are not suitable to use in growing a plant like bitter gourd. Some types of soil are not well-draining and are of poor quality compared to other types. You need to use good soil because it […]

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Bitter Gourd Companion Plants (Ampalaya)

What are bitter gourd companion plants? Sometimes growing a plant besides other plants is not great. Some plants don’t go well planting closely to other plants and that is why you need to look for good companion plants to grow beside them. The same with bitter gourds, you need to look for suitable plants to […]

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