What Animals Eat Peaches?

what animals eat peaches

The peach fruits are sweet and delicious to eat. Seeing the color of ripe fruit will make us amaze. People can eat this fruit but some animals eat this also. If you have a peach tree in your yard and you grow it for food purpose, you might encounter some animals that might eat it. It is not a good thing when you see that there are many fruits on your tree and one day they are gone.

What Animals Eat Peaches?

Some examples of animals that eat peaches are squirrels, raccoons, rats, opossum, deer, birds, rabbits, and bats. These animals are your enemy especially when your peach trees start producing fruits.


Do squirrels eat peaches? The squirrel is a kind of animal that eats peach fruit. They go around on the tree and grab the fruit. The fruits become softer as days pass by which make it easy for them to eat. The ripe one taste sweet and this animal really likes it.

The squirrel use their feet and swiveling ankle to climb and easily hang on the tree. They use it as their advantage to move fast. Also they use their sharp teeth to eat fruits that they like. Its nice to know what animals eat peaches.


Another animal that eats peaches is raccoons. This animal is cute when you see but it might eat your peaches. They can climb on the tree and use their sharp teeth to fullfil their hungry stomach.

This animal is small in size and can move quick on the tree. You don’t want them to eat all your fruits. When there are many raccoons and you are away for some days, you might go home and find out that no fruit is left.


The opossum also eats peach. You need to make sure that you will not see them on your tree or else it might be not a good news. They can climb on the trees and eat various fruits. They grow around 15 to 20 inches in length which help them to move fast.

The opossum have sharp teeth which they use to crush the peach fruit. Since it is sharp crushing the fruit becomes easier especially when the fruit is ripe. They grind it and eat until becomes full.


Can rats eat peaches? The rats also eats peach. They move really fast and when there is human nearby they can easily escape. The rats use their feet to climb and go around the tree. They look for their food like fruits. It gives them nutrients to be strong.

Their teeth are also sharp which is grinding fruits is easier. This animal eats random things but when you see some of them on your tree you need to be careful. Protect your peaches and don’t let rats to be in your tree.


Do deer like peaches? Some deer eats peaches. They like the fruits, some twigs and leaves. Since the deer are tall they can easily reach the tree. This animal may goes near your tree when you planted in open field.

Peach trees are not deer resistant and they are not safe from them. If you want to make sure that your tree will be fine you need to prevent them coming into it.


Some kinds of bird eats peach. This animal can easily go to your tree. They have wings and can fly anytime anywhere. They can land on your tree when they are hungry. The birds have sharp beak which they use for eating.

If the fruits are getting ripe, it will be soft and can be eaten by the birds. Some birds also make their nest on it. When there are many of them lives on your tree they might consume most of them and few fruits will be left.


Bats can also eat peaches. This animal roam around during at night. They likes to eat fruit like peach. It taste good for them. It is hard to monitor them especially at night. People are going to relax and sleep at night which it makes difficult to prevent them. Knowing what animals eat peaches is a good thing to know.


Can rabbits eat peaches? Rabbits are very cute. They can be pets at home but they will be a treat to your peaches. Short varieties of tree are easily reachable. The rabbit might destroy your dwarf tree. They like the leaves and they can also eat fruits. But taller trees are safe from rabbits. They can not reach it even they jump.

How to Protect Peach Trees From Animals?

But, how to keep squirrels from eating peaches on the tree and also from other animals? To protect your peach trees from animals you can use repellent, tree guards or even scare crow. There are organic repellent which works fine to prevent them going into your fruit. The fences are really works well because it blocks the animal to go near to your tree. Even though they jump they will not reach it. Also scare crows works to prevent birds, when they see it they might just go away. When you are able to protect peaches from squirrels and other animals, the fruits will be safer.

Those are some informations about what animals eat peaches. There are animals that likes to eat fruits and if you don’t want it to happen you need to prevent them going into your tree. It will make you happy harvesting your fully grown fruits.