How Long Does It Take For Peaches To Ripen?

how long does it take for peaches to ripen

After waiting for a couple of years growing peach trees, it’s time to harvest. The flowers become fruits now and it started to change in color. It is ready to pick and sooner to be eaten. Eating peach fruit is delicious because it tastes sweet but a little acidic. It is also nutritious because it contain vitamins and minerals which is good for the body.

How Long Does It Take For Peaches To Ripen?

The peaches will take around one to ten days to ripen. Its color will change from green to yellow to dark-yellow with some reddish in color. It will be softer as days come and will produce a sweet smell aroma. The shape of it will be rounder indicating that it is ripe and ready to pick.

Color of the Peach Fruit Skin

You can easily notice that a peach fruit is ripening when it changes in color. Commonly unripe fruits are color green and change its color to yellow or something dark-yellow with reddish in color. Totally green is a sign that it is not ready to harvest and if you pick it green, it will ripe longer and its taste will not as good than what you expect. Instead, just let the fruit continues to mature and when it becomes yellow, it is ready to pick. It is really good having some knowledge about how long does it take for peaches to ripen.


You can tell that the peach fruit is ripe when it produces a sweet smell aroma. Unripe fruits will commonly not produce sweet scent. When you notice that smell, it gives you a sign that the peach fruit it ripe.

Soft and Round

The peach fruit is ripe when it is soft when you squeeze and rounder in shape. Touching the fruit is also a way on how to check if the fruit is ripe. It indicates that the flesh of the fruit is ready to eat. You can easily eat a food when it is soft.

How Long To Ripen Peaches On The Tree?

When the flowers become pollinated, it will takes around three to five months (90 to 150 days) to ripen. It can ripen on the tree and pick it after. But you need to be aware if the fruit is ready to pick because when you left it there for a couple of days it will be over ripen and it will not so sweet.

When the ripe fruit is left on the tree, it will over ripe if unnoticed. It will fall to the ground and it will not be consumable if it started to darken. Also overripe fruits will taste bad.

Paper Bag Method

How long to ripen peaches in paper bag? The peaches will ripen around one to two days in paper bag with room temperature. It is because the paper bag is closed and fruit produces ethylene gas which help the fruit to ripen fast. The gas inside is trap and it can not goes out. You can also put some bananas along with peach fruit to speed up the ripening process.

How to ripen peach fruits with paper bag? What you need to do is ready your peaches, paper bag and you can also get some bananas. Then put the peaches inside the paper bag and put the bananas also. Having no bananas is totally fine. Don’t make it overcrowded inside, just put some fruits per bag. Check it after 12 hours if ripe and you can consume but if not, wait for 24 to 48 hours.

Green Peaches

How long to ripen green peaches? Mature green peaches on the tree will takes some weeks to ripen. You just need to wait and monitor for its skin color. But if you pick green peaches, it will be ripen but its taste will not be okay. Also it takes longer for it to ripen.

Green indicates that fruit is still not ready to harvest. Don’t try to pick green peaches and let it ripe on the counter or paper bag because its result is not good on what you expect especially its taste. Knowing how long does it take for peaches to ripen will help you on when to harvest it.

Refrigerator Method

How long will ripe peaches last in refrigerator? The ripe peaches will last for 5 days in the ref. Leaving it there for more days will make the fruit dehydrated which will change its taste. You need to consume the fruit as early as possible to enjoy its sweet taste.

Slow Ripening

How to ripen peaches slowly? To slowly ripe peaches, you can put it inside the refrigerator. It will be useful way to control the ripeness of the fruit. But you need to be aware because leaving it there for couple of days will make it dehydrated and will taste not great.

From Flower to Ripening

How long from flower to ripe peach? It will takes 3 to 5 months. The flowers will turns into fruit. Then, it continues to develop and grows bigger. More nutrients goes inside the fruit. Lastly, the green fruit changes in color to yellow, it is ripe now and ready to pick sooner.

Advantage of Having Ripe Peaches

When you have a ripe peaches it will have a sweeter taste. Also more vitamins and minerals.

Those are some informations about how long does it take for peaches to ripen. Fruits are sweet and delicious to eat. Reaching its maturity and completely ripe is awesome to eat.