When To Harvest Peaches?

when to harvest peaches

You love peach fruits and one day you try to grow at from seed at your home. It successfully grow and becomes bigger. You wait for a couple of years to see your first fruits. And finally it came out. The fruits are green at first and eventually change its color to yellow. Finally, you will get your peach fruits.

When To Harvest Peaches?

Harvest peaches in the late month of June through August. The fruits will be ripen during mid or late summer. The taste of it will be sweet. There are few factors on how to know if the peach fruits are ready to harvest such as smell, color, texture, shape and taste.

Sweet Smell

You can tell that peaches are ready to harvest when it produces a sweet smell aroma. You can easily know it when you move your nose closely on the fruit and try smelling it. Green peaches don’t have such a sweet smell but the ripe one will have. You will notice it when you regularly monitor your fruits.

When the tree started producing fruits and continues to increase in size it will be in green color because they are young and not ripe. As you move closely to the fruit will you notice its smell. And you can compare it when it becomes mature and you slightly notice something new. Sweet smells gives a sign that it has a good taste. That is one factor to know when to harvest peaches.

Yellow Color

Most of the fruits are green when not ripe and changes its color to yellow indicating that it is already ripe. Young peaches are also the same. The skin of peach fruits are green when small and even bigger and changes when it matures and ripen. The fruit is ready when all of its color is completely yellow. Sometimes it maybe dark-yellow with some reddish on its skin.

You can easily notice the sign because it changes its skin color. Day by day or even weekly you will see what is happening to your fruit. The good sign will come and gives you a hint that your fruits are ready to pick. The basket should be ready when there are many peach fruits to be harvest. That is another thing on how do you know when to harvest peaches.

Soft Texture

Another sign that your peaches are ready to harvest is when it has a slightly soft in texture. How you will know it? Well try to gently squeeze the fruit and if it is soft then it is ready to harvest. If the fruit is firm and hard then it is not yet ready to be pick. Also don’t squeeze to hard because the fruit bruise easily so you need to be careful.

What will happen if you squeeze too much the peach fruit? It will be bruise and if that happen it is not a good sign. It might be damage and might decay sooner. So when checking the fruit if it is ripe by texture, you need to be careful in handling it.

Sweet Taste

Well the taste is one of the major factor to know if the peach fruit is ready to harvest. Ripe fruits will taste good. You can pick some fruits and try to taste it. When it taste good as you expected then you can start harvesting it.

The taste of the peaches when totally ripe is sweet and you can easily notice it. But if you get those fruits half ripe, you can use some method to completely ripen them like placing them inside the closed paper bag.

Round Shape

As the fruit matures, shape of it also develop. It will be rounder in shape when close to ripening. You will see that it becomes beautiful and awesome. When you look them at the top of the tree they looks delicious.

The shape of the fruit is also a sign that your peaches are ready to pick. Even though it gives a little sign but it will help you to notice when to harvest peaches.

How Long To Harvest Peaches?

The peaches takes about 3 to 5 months after the flowers are pollinated. The tree have male and female parts but it will take also some time to pollinate them. When the flowers are ready, they will turn in fruit and continues to develop until they are ready for harvesting.

Those are some informations on how do you know when to harvest peaches. Harvesting is enjoyable part of the whole things. Your hard work bear fruits and you are enjoying it. The whole process of growing peach tree is totally worthit and worth the wait.