8 Basic Gardening Tools

Basic Gardening Tools

Today, we know the essential gardening tools. These tools surely help gardeners to grow their vegetables more easily. You can easily do gardening using these basic gardening tools.

The basic gardening tools are a trowel, spading fork, hoe, rake, shovel, sprinkler, and planting guide.

Basil Gardening Tools

1. Shovel

A shovel is a basic gardening tool. This tool has a curved scoop on its blade and a handle with a handgrip. The device is used for lifting, turning, and moving soil. Gardeners use the shovel to make a hole. When they need to make a compost pit, the shovel is one of the tools used to create a hole.

1.1. Spade

A spade is a tool with a thick handle, a handgrip, and a heavy blade that you press into the ground with your foot. The blade is usually flatter, and the shaper compares to the shovel. And the spade is a square blade compared to a curved shovel. A spade is used for hard digging and should have a sharp blade but light to handle. A spade will be best to use in a vegetable garden.

2. Spading Fork

A spading fork is a basic gardening tool. This tool is used for heavy digging work. It has two to four prongs which make the best tool to loosen up compacted soil, dig weeds and lift vegetable roots. The handle of the spading fork is sturdy and has a handgrip; to use this tool, your foot needs to press the sprong to the ground, and then your hand moves to lift the soil or anything there. Pitchforks are the forks with flexible prongs, while those with sturdier and rigid prongs are called spading forks.

3. Rake

The rake is a basic gardening tool with a long handle and short, sturdy metal prongs, which are used for leveling, grading soil, stirring up the soil surfaces, removing lumps, rocks, and shallow-rooted grasses. It is an essential tool to use in the home garden.

When you make a vegetable garden plot, you can use the rake to level it. There are bumps of soil, so try to use the rake to make it better in appearance. You can also use this tool to remove garbages in your garden. This tool has prongs to get those unwanted materials in your garden.

4. Hoe

Hoe is a basic gardening tool with a flat blade on the end of a long handle that attaches to a right angle. This tool is used to stir or mound the soil and make rows and furrows. It tool can also be used to remove weeds and grasses. This tool is the most helpful and necessary, especially in gardening.

Using this tool is very easy. You hold the hoe’s handle and start cultivating the soil. It would help if you were careful in handling this tool to prevent accidents.

5. Trowel

The trowel is a basic gardening tool with a short-handled implement with a pointed curved blade. It is like a short shovel or spade that can dig a small portion of the soil. This tool is also used to transplant young plants into the garden.

It is very light and very easy to use. Use this tool to cultivate the soil around the plants and clean it so that it will last longer. It is a good basic gardening tool.

6. Garden Hose

The garden hose is handy in watering the plants. It is also a basic gardening tool. Garden hoses are usually made up of rubber or vinyl; rubber is a little more expensive, but it is more worth it and easier to use than vinyl. It has a stronger composition and is more durable so try to get a rubber hose.

Make sure that the hose you will buy is long enough so that all parts of the garden can reach the water when you are watering your plants. Choose the type of hose which is suited to your garden.

7. Planting row guide

A planting row guide is a two-stick with a string attached. This tool is a basic gardening tool used to guide the plot to make the plot straight. When you are making your plot, you can use this tool so that the plot you are making is straightforward. The string will serve your bases to make the plot looks good.

When you are also planting seeds or even seedlings, you can also use this row guide to improve the alignment. You can buy this tool in the market or make your one buy; getting two sticks and tying a string their about 10 meters long will be good.

Aside from the guide in planting, you can use this tool to guide you in building a vegetable garden. The string will be straight when you pull it, and that’s why you can make a straight plot or a straight alignment of the container if you are practicing container gardening.

The string will serve as your guide and based on where you will put the vegetables or plants. It is excellent to know some basic gardening tools.

8. Plant Cages

Plant cages are most commonly used in guiding tomatoes, but you can also use these cages to support vining crops such as cucumbers and squashes.

Usually, they are made up of wire or covered wire, and they have a variety of sizes. They keep the plant inside and keep it from lying on the ground. Commonly, round cages are being used, but there are also square ones nowadays. The square ones are also easy to use and convenient as they can be folded flat for storage.

Also, if you buy cages, buy those sturdy and strong enough for the plant variety you and make sure you can put your hands inside the cage for harvesting.

Thank you for reading this article about basic gardening tools.