Lifespan Of Rose Plant: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of rose plant

Some people are new to growing roses, and some of them want to know what is the lifespan of rose plant. They want to know how long they can enjoy and get lots of flowers coming from the plant. If they know how long will the plant grow, they can have ideas on how many plants to grow and when they need to grow newer plants. Some people grow rose plants as a hobby, and some are growing for business purposes. Whatever the purpose is, it’s still good to have ideas about the life expectancy of the rose plant.

Lifespan Of Rose Plant

The lifespan of the standard rose plant can reach 35 years. The life expectancy of the rose plant depends on many factors. The environment and how the growers take care of the plant will be the basis. If the plant is well-nourished, it can have a long lifespan. Some roses live for 7 to 8 years, while other varieties live for 15 years. If the rose plant grows and thrives well, it can reach up to 100 years.

People who want to grow rose plants can choose from many varieties that are native in their specific location. It’s great to choose from varieties that are capable of what kind of soil and the type of weather they have. Sometimes there are rose varieties that grow well in tropical countries where there is lots of sunlight, while there are also some varieties that like colder weather.

When you grow a rose plant you need to take care of it. Some things you can do to improve the growth of the plant is to water it regularly, apply some fertilizers, control pests and diseases on the plant, give enough sunlight, etc. The plant will grow faster when it gets all the things it needs. You will see the bigger stems, leaves, and lots of flowers on your plant very soon. Knowing the lifespan of rose plant will help the growers on how long the plant will stay and flower.

How To Care For Rose Plant?


Applying fertilizer will help the plants grow faster and thrive well. Fertilizers can also help to prolong the lifespan of rose plant. When the soil is rich in nutrients, the plants will grow bigger and become healthy. Fertilizers that are rich in nitrogen help the leaves to stay green and healthy. Nitrogen fertilizer will prevent nitrogen deficiency in the plant.

Phosphorus fertilizer helps the plant to grow its roots and lots of flowers. There are times that soil is not rich in fertilizer and it causes the plant to produce fewer flowers. People who grow rose plants want more flowers in their gardens. Rose flowers are fragrant and also make the surroundings beautiful. There are phosphorus fertilizers available on the market that can be used on the rose plant.

Potassium also helps the plant from stress because of pests and insects. The potassium will help the rose plant to become stronger. This kind of fertilizer is important so that when pests and diseases are attacking your plants, they can handle and the damage will become lesser. Commonly growers buy complete fertilizer because potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen are included in that fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can also be used.


Water is an essential thing for the rose plant to grow well. It helps them grow long and big stems, lots of leaves, and become healthy. During the drought season, there is lacking water because there will be no rainfall and you need to water the rose plants daily. Just don’t overwater to prevent root rot and yellow leaves. As long as the rose plant is getting enough water, the plant will grow bigger and will produce more beautiful flowers.

Pests And Diseases Control

Pests and diseases are common for plants. They can attack them anytime and damage them. When the plants are damaged, they will stop or slow their growth. Pests and diseases are not friendly and need to get rid of. Pesticides, insecticides, and fungicides can be used as a treatment to prevent further damage to your plant.

Soil For Rose Plant

The rose plant likes loam soil with a pH of 6 to 6.5. The soil needs to be suitable for your plant for it to thrive well. The plant will grow quickly if the soil has lots of nutrients and can absorb water well. The roots can spread easily and establish. You can see your plant healthy and well if it likes the soil. Rose plant doesn’t thrive well on clay soil, so if you have clay soil in your area better buy some soil mixtures to improve your current soil. You can also buy some plants that are grown in the pots and you will not have problems with the soil.

Give More Sunlight

Sunlight is important for the rose plant to create its food. At Least 6 hours of direct sunlight is needed by the plant every single day. When the plant receives less sunlight it will lead to small leaves, small stems, and fewer flowers. Poor growth will happen to the rose plant if less sunshine it will get. The best thing to do is before you start growing roses in your garden, make sure that the site where it will be grown will be hit by sunlight for at least 6 long hours.

Selecting a site is easy as long as there is enough space for the plant to move and grow and there will be no other big trees nearby. Why is it not great if there are big trees nearby? Big trees have a big canopy that can block the sunlight, and it will cause your rose plant to grow poorly. Try to avoid growing rose plants near big trees and other tall structures. Houses and other buildings can create shadows and block the sun.

Those are some information about the lifespan of rose plant. The standard rose plant can go around 35 years and can be prolonged with proper care and nourishment up to 100 years. It is enjoyable to grow roses at home. It can relieve stress, especially seeing lots of beautiful and fragrant roses in your garden.