How Tall Do Peach Trees Grow?

how tall do peach trees grow

Seeing the journey of the growth of the peach tree from seeds is amazing. Seeds sprout and day by day it continues to grow. The few roots develop, stem and leaves appear. Then few weeks later it produce few branches and eventually turns a young tree. After few years it produce flowers and fruits. The fruits are sweet to eat and nutritious.

How Tall Do Peach Trees Grow?

The peach trees can grow tall around 25 feet (7.62 meter) and wide. It will be taller in appearance especially if you will not do pruning. The height for peach tree: standard 18-20 feet, semi-dwarf 8-12 feet and dwarf 5-6 feet.

The height of the tree will depends on their kinds. The standard will grow taller than dwarf one. Having choices give the growers a freedom to pick what kind of tree they want. If they have a bigger size land they can choose standard tree and if they are living in urban places where the land space is very limited they can pick dwarf varieties. Growing this sometimes it needed to consider its size especially its height.

How Tall Does A Peach Tree Get?

The standard tree gets tall around 18 to 20 feet (5.5 to 6 meter). This kind of tree is taller than dwarf varieties. If you want it to be shorter then you can do pruning. Cutting some of its branches using pruning shears will help to make it small. Some people don’t like their peach trees too big so they cut some of its parts.

How tall do peach trees grow? The standard peach tree can be around 25 inches (0.6 meter) in height after one year. It looks small but its normal for this tree since its just a year old. It will be bigger as years to come. More roots and branches will develop and will produce flowers and fruits when it reaches 2 to 4 years old. After three years it will be around 6-9 (1.8 to 2.7 feet).

The semi-dwarf peach trees can grow around 8-12 feet (2.4 to 3.7 meter) in height. Its height is not so tall and not so small. This kind is also a good tree to choose. You can grow this from seed, using grafting or buying trees from nursery.

The dwarf peach trees grow around 5-6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 meter) in height and width. This is small and perfect to grow in pot or container. Smaller trees have small branches, trunks and roots. When you grow this tree in pot, moving this to get sunlight is easier. Protecting this from frost and animals like deer is easy since you can transfer the pot inside the house. Knowing how tall do peach trees grow is important to plan what to plant.

Why Are My Peach Trees Growing So Tall?

Some reason why peach trees growing so tall is the presence of nitrogen fertilizer. That kind of fertilizer makes the tree grows taller. If you are putting more fertilizer, that will happen. Also when it gets enough basic needs like water, sunlight, perfect temperature, (no pest disease and grasses) and good type of soil will make the tree grow bigger.

But there is no problem if your tree grows big. It is a good sign that you have a healthy and strong tree. You also need to be aware like you buy dwarf peach tree on the nursery but they accidentally give you the standard varieties. Sometimes it might happen and you will be surprise that it grow way bigger than what you expect.

How Do You Keep A Peach Tree From Growing Too Tall?

You can keep a peach tree from getting too tall by pruning. When you cut some excessive branches from the tree, it will be smaller. Cutting some old branches will make the tree healthy especially if those branches grow poorly.

Pruning is a way of caring for the peach tree. Its a good practice not just by watering and applying fertilizer. Also it is great to see your small peach trees bearing fruits. Its easy to get and you can eat ripe fruits after picking it.

The height of the tree is a factor that some of the people consider because they want to know if it will fit in their yard or not. Its amazing if you can grow tree in pots and put it indoor. It can also be transfered to another place like moving from one state to another.

Those are some informations about how tall do peach trees grow. Having many varieties of peach tree have a choices to pick the bigger or smaller one that will be suitable to your land space.