When To Transplant Peach Seedlings?

when to transplant peach seedlings

The peach (Prunus persica) is a great tree to grow. People grow this kind of tree through seeds and grafting. Even though growing from seeds take a little bit time, but it is more enjoyable seeing how the tree grows from seed up to its maturity and produce delicious fruits. Some also buy seedlings from nursery and it takes faster to fruit. Some home growers grow it first on a container before transplanting.

What Is Transplant?

Transplant is a process of moving a plant from one place to another. Let say you planted a plant on a pot and you notice that the pot is too small and you want to transfer it to another bigger size pot, or moving from pot to the ground. This is important to do in some case especially if you grow in a container and you observe that the plant doesn’t grow well because of too narrow pot. Plants need some space to grow bigger and thrive well. Smaller pots don’t have enough space for the roots to grow.

When To Transplant Peach Seedlings?

Transplant the peach seedlings during its dormancy period which it happens during winter season. The dormancy of the tree happens when it shed its foliage. Seedlings who are less than 1 year old to 3 years old are the best age to transfer the tree. This is because younger tree still have shorter and smaller size roots unlike to older tree it is hard to do transplanting because the roots are bigger and longer. Also older peach tree have established roots and needs a proper care if will do transplanting.

Before transplanting you need to know if the peach seedlings you have is suitable to your location. Also know what is the pH level of the soil to make sure it will grow.

How To Transplant Peach Seedlings From Pot to Ground?

To transplant peach seedlings from pot to the ground, do it during dormancy period to prevent transplant shock. Using a digging tool like shovel, make a hoe on the ground twice the wide of the root balls but not too deep. Space is needed so that the roots will not be crowded and have enough space for growing. Then make sure that the soil on the pot is moist to make it easy to remove. Gently and slowly remove the tree from the pot. Remove some soils from the root ball so that new roots will grow. Then put the tree on the hole. Make sure the tree is planted on ground the same level as it planted on the pot. Cover with soil and water it after. Don’t apply fertilizer yet and let first established the roots. Some commercial fertilizer might destroy the roots but it is safe if you use organic ones. You can also prune it before the leaves started to grow.

How Big Should Peach Seedlings Be Before Transplanting?

Around 2 to 4 feet (24 to 48 inches) is a good size for transplanting. It is important to have a little bit bigger tree before you transfer to the ground because it can adopt and grow to the ground. You need to care for the tree as pest and disease might attack as it continues to grow.

Why Peach Seedlings Wilting or Drooping After Transplant?

Some reason why peach seedlings are wilting or drooping is because of transplant shock. The tree is shock because of the new environment. It might happen during the process of moving the tree and being careful is the solution for this. Transplanting from ground to another ground take some work because of digging process and tree might be stress but transplanting from pot to ground is much easier and a little bit decent.

Can I Transplant Peach Seedlings?

Yes, you can transplant peach seedlings. People do this because the pot is a little bit smaller for the tree and others wanted it them planted on the ground to make a beautiful surroundings. They have reasons why they do it.

There are also dwarf varieties which from ground they transfer it to a bigger pot. This is also great since you can easily protect the tree from frost, can move to the sun, protect from rabbit and deer, etc.

Growing trees is very enjoyable and makes us happy. There are people who grow as a farmer and they have a big farm of peach. They continues to provide fruits that people can buy and eat. The fruits are delicious and healthy because they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

Those are some informations about when to transplant peach seedlings. Caring for the tree is the best thing to do to maintains it healthy growth and to assure that you will get more fruits in the future.