How Many Kohlrabi Per Plant?

how many kohlrabi per plant

Do you wonder how many kohlrabi per plant you will get when you grow kohlrabi in your garden?

Like some other plants, kohlrabi grows best in cool weather. If you have cool weather in your location then you can probably grow kohlrabi.

Buy some kohlrabi seeds from nurseries, garden centers, or online and use those seeds to grow your garden.

If you are a beginner growing this plant, you will probably be curious about how many kohlrabi will you get from a single plant.

How Many Kohlrabi Per Plant?

A single kohlrabi plant will produce 1 kohlrabi. It is common to see only one kohlrabi per plant and it is rare to see multi kohlrabi.

Since it only grows one bulb per plant, you must grow many plants to harvest more kohlrabi.

You can plant the seeds directly on the soil or you can also do transplanting. Either of the two ways the plant will grow fine.

If you have good spacing, you can grow more kohlrabi but if you have limited space, you can just grow kohlrabi in containers.

A swollen part or bulb will grow on the plant as it gets matures. The kohlrabi bulb will develop in about 50 to 70 days.

You can harvest the kohlrabi once it becomes 3 inches in diameter. Don’t let the bulb grows too big because it will have a little bit tougher taste.

The kohlrabi tastes better when they are about 2-3 inches in diameter. You will enjoy consuming it alone or with your family.

Growing kohlrabi is a good hobby and can relieve stress when you see the plants grow well.

How Many Pounds Of Kohlrabi Per Plant?

Approximately one kohlrabi weighs 150 grams or 0.33 pounds per plant. If you grow more kohlrabi plants you will get more pounds per plant.

For example, you grow 20 kohlrabi plants in your garden.

When harvesting comes those 20 plants will give you 20 kohlrabi all in all. And let’s say each one weighs 0.33 pounds overall you will have 6.6 pounds of kohlrabi.

You can increase the pounds of kohlrabi you get by increasing the number of plants you grow in your garden.

The seeds germinate quickly and the plants mature fast which you can harvest in just 2 to 3 months.

2 to 3 months is still a little bit long so planting kohlrabi every 2 to 3 weeks will give you a consistent and stable harvest.

By growing this plant at home, you will save some money. It is because instead of buying them at the market, you will have a source of food at home.

There are many benefits you will get from having a vegetable garden at home.

How Many Kohlrabi Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need to plant around 16 to 32 kohlrabi plants for a family of 4. Each member of the family should plant 4 to 8 kohlrabi plants to have a consistent harvest.

It will be fun if each member of the family will help to make a vegetable garden at home.

It will be fun and a stress reliever to see everyone participating in growing a garden.

Those 16 to 32 plants will produce 16 to 32 kohlrabi plants because usually, only one bulb grows per plant.

If you feel that those numbers of plants are quite low, you can increase the number of plants to be planted.

You can make a plan like every 2 to 3 weeks you will plant a few numbers of kohlrabi so that you will have a consistent and stable source of kohlrabi.

You will have a good yield by increasing the number of plants and you will save some money.

Kohlrabi is also nutritious which can help you to become healthy. You can use that kohlrabi in recipes that you prefer.

Harvesting Your First 100 to 250 Kohlrabi From Your Garden

Making a vegetable garden is really beneficial to you and your family. You can get some vegetables from your garden which is a good source of food.

If you are growing lots of kohlrabi consecutively you can achieve to harvest your first 100 or even 250 kohlrabi in your garden.

Each plant grows one bulb of kohlrabi so you need 100 plants to harvest 100 bulbs and 250 plants to get 250 bulbs.

That is a lot of plants to be planted and you need a good spacing to achieve those numbers.

But let’s say you have limited spacing, you can just divide the number of plants to be planted during the first growing season and plant the next plants in the following season.

Let’s say you grow 50 plants in the first season and plant the 50 plants during the next growing season.

If you compute those numbers you will achieve 100 plants planted all in all. You will also harvest your first 100 kohlrabi even if the method of planting is divided into two or more.

You need to store those kohlrabi properly to prolong their shelf life. Or you can just sell some of those yields to earn some money.

It will be profitable to make a kohlrabi vegetable garden.

Can You Increase The Yield Of Kohlrabi Per Plants?

No, you cannot increase the yield of kohlrabi per plant because usually, only one bulb grows per plant.

It is rare to see lots of kohlrabi per plant and even if it happens it is just a rare case.

If you really want to increase the yield per plant you must increase the number of plants you grow.

You can plant many seeds directly in the soil or you can also sow the seeds first in a seedling tray and do transplanting once the seedlings have enough size.

Those plants will give you a good harvest once they mature.

Another thing to get high-quality kohlrabi bulbs, the plants must get enough sunlight, water, and nutrients to have a great form.

The plants must get at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. With the help of sunlight, the plants are able to make their food. You must grow the kohlrabi plants in a well sunny place.

Also, the plant needs at least 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week especially if there is no rainfall.

Give the plants enough water to help them thrive well. Grasses can compete for the water in the soil so you must remove them so that the plants will grow fast and excellent.

Nutrients are also important for the plant and you must improve the soil by adding nutrients. Organic matters like compost can really help improve soil quality.

When the plant is growing well you will see high-quality kohlrabi.

Can You Plant 2 Kohlrabi Plants Together?

Yes, you can plant 2 kohlrabi plants together just make sure to have 5 to 6 inches of spacing between plants.

The plants will grow just fine with those spacing. Planting the plants too close will make them compete with the water and nutrients in the soil.

With good spacing, the plants will have enough room to grow which will help to make them grow faster and thrive.

Do You Need Two Kohlrabi Plants To Produce Bulb?

No, you do not need two kohlrabi plants to produce a bulb. The bulb will grow on the plant even if you grow only one plant.

The small bulb will appear in about 30 days. Then it will grow bigger as time goes by.

Once the bulbs get 2 to 3 inches in diameter you can now harvest the kohlrabi.

Should I Pick The Flowers Off Kohlrabi Plants?

You can pick or harvest the flowers on kohlrabi plants once it becomes brown.

You will get a lot of seeds from the flowers which you can use to grow.

When you open the pods you will see a lot of seeds inside.

You can use these seeds to grow kohlrabi plants again.


So, how many kohlrabi per plant? A single kohlrabi plant will produce 1 kohlrabi which can weigh around 150 grams.

By increasing the number of plants planted in your garden you can increase the yields you will get during harvesting.

Make sure that kohlrabi is getting enough water, nutrients, and sunlight to thrive well.