Why Are My Onion Leaves Bent Over?

Onion leaves bending over can be a perplexing sight for many gardeners, especially if it occurs prematurely or is accompanied by other signs of plant distress. While this can often be a natural part of the plant’s life cycle as it nears maturity, it can also be indicative of other issues such as pests, diseases, … Read more

How Many Onions Per Plant?

how many onions per plant

Onions are among the most widely grown vegetables in home gardens. Understanding these flavorful bulbs’ development is crucial to ensure a successful harvest. A common question among gardeners, especially those new to the venture, revolves around the number of onions produced by each plant. Another frequent inquiry is about how many onion plants per acre … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Grow Onion?

How long does it take to grow onion? Onion is one of the most common ingredient used in cooking. This plant adds extra spicies that makes the food delicious to eat. This plant take sometime before you can start harvesting and the question is how long does it take to grow onion? How long does … Read more