How Many Onions Grow Per Plant?

Do you wonder how many onions per plant you will get in growing onions in your garden?

Onion is one of the most common ingredients mixed together with other ingredients to make the food taste better. It adds an awesome taste to food and makes people enjoy their food.

The onions are quite being used most of the time and that is why some people grow them at home.

When you grow onions for the first time, there are chances that you will wonder how many onions grow per plant.

How Many Onions Per Plant?

A single onion plant will grow only 1 onion. An onion plant doesn’t grow multiple bulbs per plant and you need to grow more plants to harvest more onion bulbs.

Depending on the variety you will grow, you can harvest them in 3 to 4 months or earlier if you are going to use onion sets.

Onion sets grow faster than onion seeds. If you want to harvest much quicker than plant onion sets.

If you don’t have sets but you have seeds, then you can use those seeds to grow onions but at a slower rate.

While the onion plants are becoming mature, you need to care for them and make sure they are getting their needs.

The plant needs enough water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow excellent.

At least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is needed by the onions and at least 1 inch of water per week is also needed for them to thrive well.

They need water but avoid making it too soggy. Too much water can cause the bulbs to rot.

Also, fertilizer will help improve the overall growth of the onion plants. But if the soil is already rich in nutrients you may not add fertilizer.

When the plant is healthy the onion bulbs will grow well and bigger.

Harvesting 100 Onions

In order to harvest 100 onions, you need to grow 100 onion plants since a single plant will only give you 1 onion.

You can grow a hundred onions in your garden since the plant doesn’t need much space for them to thrive. But hundreds of onions is still a lot and you need enough garden space for you to grow them all.

You can grow many onion plants and eventually give you a lot of harvests. When you grow a lot of plants just like onions, it will give you a good and stable source of food.

100 onion plants are quite doable to grow if you have enough spacing and it will be good for the family to have them.

Harvesting 500 to 1000 Onions

To harvest 500 onions you need to grow 500 onion plants because each plant will only produce 1 onion, while you need 1000 plants to harvest 1000 onions.

Growing onions need a little space between each onion plant to grow well. But even if the onion plants need a little spacing to grow, still growing 500 to 1000 plants need enough spacing to grow them all.

You cannot grow hundreds or even thousands at home, especially when having a limited space. More spacing will be used when you grow all those plants.

When you have a big farm you can definitely grow hundreds up to thousands of onions at the same time.

Farms that grow onions earn money by selling them to the market or making products with the use of onions.

How Many Pounds Of Onion Per Plant?

One medium size onion weighs around 150 to 170 grams (0.33 to 0.37 pound).

So for example, if you harvest 100 onions from your garden, you will have 15000 to 17000 grams (33 to 37 pounds) of onions all in all.

Those are a lot of onions to have especially if you grow all those in your garden. You need enough spacing to grow all those onions at the same time.

It’s about a number game. The more onions you grow the more onions you will harvest, and the more pounds you will get.

If you harvest 500 medium-size onions, you will harvest 165 to 185 pounds all in all.

How Many Onion Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need 60 to 80 onion plants for a family of 4. A single onion plant will only grow 1 onion which is why you need to grow a lot of plants to have a lot of harvests that will be good enough for the family in the long run.

A single piece of onion with enough size is enough to cook a dish that is good for a family of 4.

An onion is just one of the ingredients that are being mixed into the dish to have a good taste.

When you have a lot of onion plants growing in the garden, the family will have a lot of onions to be harvested and the family can save money by doing that.

For a family of 4, 60 to 80 onion plants are needed to be grown and each member of the family must grow 15 to 20 plants.

Those numbers of onion plants can be increased if you want to harvest more onions.

It will be much easier to grow onions if you have enough garden space.

Onions are just small and they don’t need to use much spacing to grow unlike trees and other plants. They need a few inches to a few meters just to grow better.

But if you don’t have much space and all you have in your surroundings is concrete then you can just grow onions in the container.

Onions will grow fine in containers as long as they are receiving enough water, sunlight, and nutrients.

By growing onion plants at home, the family will definitely save money and will have a good source of onions.

Do You Need Two Onion Plants To Produce Onions?

No, you don’t need two onion plants to produce an onion. A single onion plant can produce an onion alone without the help of other plants or even pollinators.

The onion bulbs are growing under the ground but sometimes they are slightly grown more above the soil and only a small portion of the bulbs are buried in the ground.

For those onion bulbs that are growing under the soil there are times that when they become bigger and mature, the bulbs slightly appear on the ground which gives the gardener an idea of whether they can be harvested or not.

Those onions will increase in size as time goes by and when they are big enough and fully mature they can now be harvested.

Most gardeners grow a lot of onions on the ground and it’s too little to grow only one onion plant to get only one onion.

Can You Increase The Number Of Onions Per Plant?

No, you cannot increase the number of onions grown per plant. Only one onion grows per plant and it will not grow multiple bulbs.

If you really want to increase the yield you are going to harvest, you need to increase the number of onion plants you grow.

If you want to harvest 50 onions then grow 50 onion plants. If you want 100 onions then grow 100 onion plants.

It is about increasing the number of plants you grow for you to get the high number of onions you can harvest.

This plant is very different from other plants like potatoes which can produce a lot of crops per plant. Onions cannot do that.


So, how many onions per plant? You can only get 1 onion per plant which is around 150 to 170 grams (0.33 to 0.37 pound), especially for a medium size onion.

Onions make food delicious to eat and to have good yields come make sure the plants are getting enough water, sunlight, and nutrients to help the onions grow well and make a good harvest.

One great way to increase your harvest is to increase the number of onion plants you grow.

You cannot force the onion plant to grow more than one onion per plant. They are not growing multiple onions per plant that is why if you want 10 onions you need to grow 10 onion plants.

Once the harvesting of onions is over, you need to grow new onion plants again.