No Male Flowers On Cucumber Plant

Cucumber plants are a popular vegetable crop grown for their fruit which is widely used for salads, sandwiches and pickling. However, a common problem faced by cucumber growers is the lack of male flowers on the plant. This can significantly reduce yields and cause frustration for farmers. Know the causes of lack of male flowers … Read more

Do Squirrels Eat Cucumber?

Squirrels are a common sight in many backyard gardens and parks, known for their energetic antics and love of acorns, nuts, and seeds. But what about cucumbers? Can squirrels eat cucumbers, and if so, are they a healthy addition to their diet? First, it’s important to understand the natural diet of squirrels. These small rodents … Read more

Reasons Why Are Cucumbers Not Maturing

cucumbers not maturing

It’s a pain to have cucumbers that don’t mature. It’s especially frustrating when you’ve grown the plants from seed, and they take up space in your garden or grow box. You can end up with a lot of unproductive plants that are basically just taking up space in the garden and it’s not like you … Read more

Why Do Cucumbers Turn Yellow?

why do cucumbers turn yellow

Cucumbers are great plants. They’re relatively easy to grow, but they’re also incredibly sensitive to their environment. One little mistake can ruin a whole crop if you don’t know how to deal with it quickly.  There are most common issues that cause cucumbers to turn yellow—from underwatering or overfertilizing all the way up through genetic … Read more

Do Cucumbers Need A Trellis?

do cucumbers need a trellis

Growing cucumber vertically is a great way to save space and get more yield from your garden. It also makes it easier to harvest the cucumbers because you can reach them when they are hanging. If you have been growing cucumbers for a while and are tired of having them sprawled all over the garden … Read more

Do Cucumbers Grow Underground?

do cucumbers grow underground

Cucumbers are an excellent source of potassium and help keep you hydrated. They are also very low in calories and sodium, making them a great choice for people who need to watch their diet. Cucumbers are actually vines, not root vegetables and they grow above ground. The roots do need moisture to help the plant … Read more

Why Are Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?

cucumber leaves turning yellow

Growing cucumbers is fun not until the plant’s leaves turn yellow. When the cucumber plants have many yellow leaves it shows that there is something affecting the growth of the plant. Some signs will show up and the leaves problem of cucumbers must be fixed to keep the plants thriving and healthy. When there are … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Cucumber Flower

cucumber flower

Growing cucumber is helpful as it can provide food. Growing this plant starts from a cucumber seed, the seed sprouts, it becomes a plant and cucumber flowers appear on the plant. What are cucumber flowers and when will they appear on the plant? Cucumber Flower Types Of Cucumber Flowers What are the characteristics and differences … Read more

How Many Cucumbers Grow Per Plant?

How many cucumbers per plant? Growing a particular vegetable is a little bit challenging especially if it is your first time growing that kind of vegetable. Making a vegetable garden can be a good source of food and income. When growing a vegetable like cucumbers sometimes you will wonder how many fruits can you get … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Grow Cucumber?

How long does it take to grow cucumber? The cucumber is very healthy food. This food is composed of 96% water. Since it has more water content this is good to eat. This will help the body to stay hydrated. Growing this plant takes a while so know how long does it take to grow … Read more