Cucumber Plant Growth Stages: How Does It Grow?

If you are growing cucumbers in your garden, you know how this plant grows. It is because when you sow the cucumber seed for the first time you will notice how the seeds sprouted, grow as a plant and produce fruits.

It is good to know the stages of cucumber plant growth because it will give you guidance on how to care for them and also how to make them grow more fruits. But the beginners don’t have an idea yet on how cucumbers grow unless they have already seen a gardener growing this plant and observed it well.

Cucumber Plant Growth Stages

Stage 1. Seed

The cucumber plant starts its journey from the seed. Without the seed, the plant will not grow. The cucumber plant is propagated through seed and it cannot be cloned using grafting, cutting, or any other methods.

The seeds of cucumber are small, have a smooth texture, and are brown in color. In order for a plant to grow, a high-quality seed is needed so that it has the ability to germinate.

When you are starting your garden you can buy some high-quality seeds from nurseries, garden centers, or online stores.

When you have the seeds and the climate is fine you can start sowing your seeds.

Stage 2. Germination

The cucumber’s early stage is the seed starts to sprout. You can plant the seeds directly in the soil if you want but there are also some gardeners who prefer to germinate it first on a seedling tray and do transplanting after. Those ways are just fine and the seeds will germinate fast because they are just small in size.

The cucumber seeds will germinate in about 3 to 7 days. Usually, plants like cucumbers which have small size seeds sprout quickly compared to fruit seeds which take weeks to grow roots.

When germination is happening, tiny roots and small leaves will come out from the seed. If you are going to observe the soil, there is something coming out under the soil and sooner you will see the tiny plant.

Cucumbers do not tolerate frost and the seeds will not germinate when the temperature gets cold. If you have a good temperature in your location you can grow cucumbers fine.

Stage 3. Seedling

After the cucumber seeds have been germinated, they will turn into young plants or into seedlings. A cucumber seedling has a few leaves, many roots, and a thin stem.

When you plant the seeds directly in the garden soil you don’t need to transplant them but when you grow them into a seedling tray you need to transplant cucumber seedlings.

You can transplant those seedlings when they have enough size. You can move those seedlings into the garden about 10 to 15+ days after sowing the seeds.

Protect the seedlings after transplanting especially when there are animals roaming in the garden because they might damage your seedlings.

Stage 4. Vegetative Growth

After a few weeks, the seedlings will continue to grow bigger and longer. It will grow many roots, leaves, and a little bit thicker stem. Once the plant becomes more mature, the cucumber vines will grow longer and a trellis will help to support the plant’s growth.

You can train the cucumber vines to crawl on the trellis and their tendrils will hold and climb to those supports. The cucumber tendrils are strong enough and the plant will just be fine growing on a trellis.

During this phase, the cucumber plant needs more sunlight, water, and nutrients. They need those things because it will make them more mature and will prepare them to grow flowers and fruits in the very next following days or weeks.

Once the plant is mature enough it will grow flowers next.

Stage 5. Flowering

When the cucumber plant becomes mature it will start growing flowers. The plant can grow male flowers in just 30 days. The cucumber plant grows male and female flowers and even though the male flowers already appear, it will still take some weeks for fruits to appear especially when there are no female flowers yet on the plant which appear in about 1 to 2 weeks.

The male flowers don’t have this swollen part or small fruit on the flower while the female flowers have this swollen part underneath. You can easily tell which ones are male and which are female.

In order for the cucumber fruits to grow on the plant, the flowers must be pollinated first and then the fruits will come next.

Stage 6. Pollination

The cucumber plant has male and female flowers which means that it can pollinate itself without other plants. The wind and pollinators like bees help the plant pollinate flowers.

When the wind blows the pollen from the male flower will be transferred to the female flower and when it happens a fruit can be produced.

The same thing about the pollinators like bees, the bees can move those pollen to the flowers when they are roaming around and getting those nectars from the flowers.

When pollination is successful a cucumber fruit will grow on the plant. But if not and you can increase the number of pollinated flowers by doing hand pollination.

You can use a small brush or get a male cucumber flower and brush it on female flowers.

Stage 7. Cucumber Growing Fruits

When there are many pollinated flowers there will be more growing cucumbers on the plant. It will take for the fruits to appear 7 days after the flowers have been pollinated. There are times that it takes shorter or longer than that.

Small cucumber fruits grow first and as the days pass by they increase in size. You will see that there are many cucumbers hanging on the plant.

It will take a few days for those cucumbers ready to harvest. It is good to harvest a few young cucumbers since they are still soft.

It will take about 50 to 70 days to harvest cucumbers. If you grow many cucumber plants you will also harvest many fruits.

If you will let the fruit mature you can save seeds coming from those fruits. The seeds you will harvest can be used to grow cucumber plants again in the next growing season.

Stage 8. Drying Phase

After a few weeks, the plant will stop growing. The vines and leaves will turn yellow, becomes brown, and dry. This is the end of the plant life cycle and the cucumber lifespan doesn’t last that long which can take about 100 to 120 days. Sometimes it is shorter and sometimes longer.

The cucumbers’ growth time is almost similar to other plants which grow flowers and fruits during those periods.

The Life Cycle Of Cucumber Plant

The cucumber plant life cycle starts from a seed. The seed slowly starts germinating and turns into a seedling. The seedling then becomes a mature cucumber plant. The mature plant produces flowers and fruits.