How Many Bitter Gourds Per Plant? (Ampalaya)

How many bitter gourds per plant? Do you wonder how many fruits you will get from a single bitter gourd plant once they start fruiting? It is nice to have some hints or some ideas on how many fruits you will be harvesting soon from the plant. It takes time to grow a plant and … Read more

How To Propagate Bitter Gourd? (Ampalaya)

How to propagate a bitter gourd (ampalaya)? If you grow fewer plants you will get fewer fruits, but if you grow a lot of plants you will also get more fruits from them. That is why some gardeners are finding ways how to propagate their plants. There are plants that only grow from seeds, but … Read more

How Often To Water Bitter Gourd? (Ampalaya)

How often to water bitter gourds (ampalaya)? Water is essential for bitter gourds to give them better growth. It helps the plant grow faster, and have healthy leaves, a lot of flowers, and fruits. Water maintains the good appearance of the plant and keeps them fresh. The plants will not wither when they get enough … Read more

How Much Sun Does Bitter Gourd Need? (Ampalaya)

How much sun does bitter gourd need? Sunlight is very important to plants. The sun helps the plant to make their food. The leaves process the sunlight into a sugar called glucose which is what the plants consume. Bitter gourds need the sun to thrive well. The plants will grow better when they get sunlight … Read more

How To Care For Ampalaya Plant? (Bitter Gourd)

It is really nice to see that there are lots of ampalaya fruits growing on the ampalaya plant. The fruits are hanging on the vine. Their green color skin is lovely even though its not smooth. They are bitter in taste but very nutritious because it contains vitamins and minerals. Its really helpful to know … Read more

Why Bitter Gourd Leaves Turning Yellow?

There are many reasons why bitter gourd leaves turning yellow. Having yellow leaves is one of the common problem of every vegetables, trees, flowers and other plants. There is a cause why it happen and when it is figure out, its a relief for the growers of bitter gourd. Why Bitter Gourd Leaves Turning Yellow? … Read more

How To Increase Female Flowers In Bitter Gourd?

Knowing how to increase female flowers in bitter gourd will help growers to have abundant harvest during the harvest season. This plant is producing fruits that are bitter in taste. Even though it is bitter, it contains nutrients which is good for the body. Having a strong immune system will base on that people eats. … Read more

Is Bitter Gourd A Fruit Or Vegetable?

There are people wondering if is bitter gourd a fruit or vegetable? This plant grows well in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It produces a fruit that taste bitter. The fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which is really good to eat. Growing this plant takes a little bit time. But growers are happy when … Read more

When Is Bitter Gourd Ripe?

Some growers might think about when is bitter gourd ripe, what they can do about the fruit? The bitter gourd (bitter melon) is usually consume green. There are many dishes to cook with the bitter gourd that actually taste so good. The fruits of bitter gourd are bitter in taste but some people finds away … Read more