Why Are Zucchini Leaves Turning Brown?

zucchini leaves turning brown

Seeing zucchini plants growing well is great, but not until some of the leaves are browning. It is a bit concerning when you see your healthy zucchini plants have those brown leaves. But what are some possible reasons green leaves on zucchini turn brown, and what can you do to prevent it from happening? Why … Read more

Zucchini Growing Stages: How Does It Grow?

zucchini growing stages

Zucchini grows from seed and goes into several stages of growth. The tiny seeds germinate and it becomes a plant. After a few weeks of growing, it matures and eventually produces flowers and fruits. But how does zucchini grow? Zucchini Growth Stages 1. Zucchini Seed Germination Stage The best time to sow zucchini seeds is … Read more

Why There Are White Spots On Zucchini Leaves?

white spots on zucchini leaves

The leaves of the zucchini plant are an important part of the plant. They develop all over the stem and most often they are dark green with lighter green stripes along their length. The leaves themselves have little nutritional value, but they do help to create shade for your plants which helps them grow faster. … Read more

How Many Zucchini Per Plant?

Have you ever tried growing zucchini in your garden? For beginners, it is great to know how many zucchini per plant so that you have an idea of how much fruit you will get when harvesting comes. A healthy zucchini plant plus abundant sunlight, water, and fertilizer are the keys to having a good and … Read more