Pruning a Calamansi Tree

Pruning shears are use to prune a plant or a tree. This tool varies in sizes, colors and prices. Pruning helps the plant to grow better. It will produce more leaves, flowers and fruits. There are many plants and trees to prune like for example, Pruning a calamansi tree. Pruning a calamansi tree helps the … Read more

Is Calamansi a Fruit or Vegetable?

Is Calamansi a Fruit or a Vegetable? There are many plants in the world. There are trees, flower and vegetable. Some of them are treating as a fruit and some of them are vegetable depends upon how they use it, but Is calamansi a fruit or vegetable? The answer is: Calamansi is a fruit. This … Read more

Are Calamansi and Lemon the Same?

Are Calamansi and Lemon the Same? Calamansi and Lemon are both belongs to citrus family. They are both rich in vitamin c. They both taste sour. But even they have many similarities, the question is “are calamansi and lemon the same?” Looking at the appearance of both lemon and calamansi have similarities and differences. In … Read more

How Much Sunlight Does Calamansi Need?

Most of the plants need sunlight in order to grow well. Sunlight serves as the major food of every plant. There are plants that like full sunlight and it helps them to grow well. Like calamansi a family of citrus plant, so. How much sunlight does calamansi need? Calamansi needs to get at least 6 … Read more

When do Calamansi Trees Bloom?

There are many citrus growers in the world. Also there are different kinds of citrus and one of them is calamansi. Some of them are new in growing this kind of citrus and they ask a question when do calamansi trees bloom? Calamansi belongs to the citrus family. Calamansi is called in the Philippines and … Read more

Why Calamansi Leaves are Turning Yellow?

Why Calamansi Leaves are Turning Yellow? Calamansi belongs to the citrus family. Sometimes there are cases that happen especially to the calamansi leaves and one question you will ask, is why calamansi leaves are turning yellow? This is one of the common problems faced by the citrus growers. Growing a calamansi tree takes time. It … Read more

How Long Does it Take to Grow Calamansi

Today, know how long does it take to grow calamansi. The calamansi fruit is rich in vitamin C, making our body healthy. But really… … how long does it take to grow calamansi? The calamansi tree takes about 3 to 5 years to grow up and produce a bunch of calamansi fruits. It will be … Read more

How to Grow A Calamansi Tree?

How to Grow A Calamansi Tree? If you want to grow a calamansi tree it is better to buy an already grown tree so that you will get fruits faster. Growing a tree takes years for them to grow and bear fruits compared to vegetables or plants which take only a few months to grow. … Read more

7 Parts of Calamansi

Today, learn the parts of calamansi. There are many varieties of citrus. There are lemons, orange and another one is the calamansi. Calamansi is commonly found in Asian countries. This fruit is being mixed with foods because of its sour taste. Aside from that, it is rich in vitamin c. But today you will learn … Read more