7 Simple Steps in Planting Ampalaya

Simple Steps in Planting Ampalaya

Today, learn the simple steps in planting ampalaya. Ampalaya or Bitter gourd is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. Even its tastes bitter, it has many vitamins and minerals which help our body. So here are the answer in simple steps in planting ampalaya.

So, what are the simple steps on how to plant ampalaya? To plant ampalaya, first prepare the soil. Then, make a one to a two-inch deep hole on the soil and put one ampalaya seed. Then, cover it with some soil and water it after. Apply some fertilizer. Put some wires for climbing and after 3 to 4 months start harvesting ampalaya.

Step by Step On Ampalaya Planting

Step 1. Better Location is Must

Pick the best location. We can say that the best location to plant ampalaya is where it will get more sunlight. Ampalaya needs more sunlight to grow well.

When the ampalaya plant gets more sunlight, it will produce more greenish leaves, and more flowers and fruits to bear.

When you grow ampalaya at home, you can pick the backyard or front yard where the sunlight will hit your plants well.

The sunlight is the food of the ampalaya, and if the vegetables get it, assure you will harvest more ampalaya soon.

Also, try to look at the soil type you have in your location. Ampalaya grows well in the loam soil. You also need to look if the soil has nutrients to help the ampalaya grow well.

Step 2. Soil Preparation

Preparing the soil is the next step you must do. To prepare the soil, get some gardening tools to grow ampalaya. The soil-like loam soil is best for ampalaya. This kind of soil is suitable, making the ampalaya grow better.

Get the grab hoe, bolo, rake, or any tools that you think will help you for somewhat it needs a small portion of the soil per seed so it will not accommodate more space.

You need to focus on areas where you will plant the ampalaya seed.

Remove some grasses growing in the area. The grasses will be the competitors of the ampalaya to the nutrients on the soil, so you need to remove them out.

Also, you need to remove some rocks found on the soil. It will help you cultivate the soil, and the rocks will block you from moving well, so you need to remove them.

Step 3. Look for Quality Ampalaya Seeds

Getting quality ampalaya seeds is the next step. How to get ampalaya seeds? And also, where to buy ampalaya seeds?

In some way, you can get some ampalaya seeds on the ampalaya fruit. It would help if you got those ripe ampalaya in yellow. Those ampalaya will give you some hard and quality ampalaya seeds coated with red liquid.

You can also try to borrow some seeds from the farmers you know. Or buy ampalaya seeds from the store. There is the nearest store near your location, as the agriculture store. The agriculture store sells many varieties of plants, vegetables, and trees, and you can buy ampalaya seeds from them.

They sell quality seeds, so you can be confident that the seeds you buy will sprout and grow better.

There is also some online store that sells seeds like Lazada, Shoppee, Amazon, eBay, and Ramgo Philippines, which you can get high and quality seeds per pack that cost a few bucks.

Step 4. Start Planting Ampalaya Seed

The next step is to plant the ampalaya seed. The steps on how to plant ampalaya seed are very easy. You need to make a shallow, deep hole on the soil around 1-2 inches deep, put the ampalaya seed, cover it with some soil, and water it after. That’s it. After five to seven days, the ampalaya seeds will produce roots and a few leaves.

But what if you will plant many ampalaya seeds? How far apart should it be? You can apply around more or less three meters apart. The ampalaya vegetable is a vine, and it grows wide, so you need to put enough space to adjust the vines when they start to grow.

Step 5. Make Trellis for Climbing

Put some wires for climbing. When the ampalaya seedlings start to crawl, you need to make and put wires to climb.

The ampalaya vines will surely spread out, and you need to care for these parts. The ampalaya vegetables produce their leaves, flowers, and fruits in these parts, so you need to care for them.

You can make a simple plant wire out of strings or what you want to use. These wires will support the plants in growth, making the plants safer.

Step 6. Applying Fertilizer

Applying fertilizer makes the ampalaya grow better. There are best fertilizers for ampalaya that you can use. The nutrients coming from the soil help the ampalaya to have better leaves and more fruits to bear.

You can buy some fertilizer for vegetables at the market, maybe at the agriculture market. In that place, you can buy high-quality fertilizer to put on your vegetable plants.

Or, if you practice organic gardening, you can make your organic fertilizer. People use vermicompost or make their compost by making a compost pit. In the compost pit, you put the organic matters like leaves, grasses, animal manure, or anything else that is decaying.

After some weeks or months, you can get the fertilizer and apply it to the vegetables. How to put the fertilizer on ampalaya? You can dig the soil around the roots and then organic fertilizer. Or just put it to the base of the ampalaya. It is great to know the steps in planting ampalaya.

Step 7. How often to water ampalaya

When to water the ampalaya vegetable? Water it every day. Ampalaya needs more water to produce healthy leaves and better fruits. We know that the water is the lifeblood of the plants, so we need to water it as often as possible.

When the ampalaya gets more water, you can see that the leaves are greener and bigger. That shows a sign that it will bear more fruits and flowers.

Water the ampalaya early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

Step 8. Harvesting Ampalaya

How long does it take to grow ampalaya? It takes 3-4 months to harvest ampalaya. How to harvest ampalaya? You can harvest it when the ampalaya has a dark green color and old enough fruits. Cut it to the base of the ampalaya.

Ampalaya Care

How to care for Ampalaya? To care for ampalaya, apply pesticide when you see pests on your vegetables. This way, the vegetables will be safe and grow better. The fruits, leaves, and flowers will be safe and damaged.

Also, another way of caring for ampalaya is already said a while ago. Apply fertilizer and water it every day to maximize its total growth. You will enjoy having an ampalaya garden.

Some people make a business and they create ampalaya plantations.

Thank you for reading this article about simple steps in planting ampalaya. Knowing how to grow ampalaya is an excellent thing because it can be a food source or do a business using this plant.