Will Plants Grow Back After Rabbit Damage?

Are you growing many plants like vegetables in your garden but suddenly one day they got damaged because of an animal. It will be frustrating when it happens.

One example of an animal that may damage your plants is the rabbit. Rabbits love to eat leaves and if there are many rabbits in your location you must protect your plants so that they will be safer. But will those damaged plants recover and grow again?

Will Plants Grow Back After Rabbit Damage?

Yes, there is still a possibility for those damaged plants to grow back. If the damage caused by the rabbits on the plants is just minimal then the plants can still continue to grow.

You need to observe the plants part. If the main stem, the roots, and a few leaves are just fine then the plants can grow back. You need to keep the plants to get enough water and sunlight exposure.

They can recover in a few weeks. You need to help them recover by keeping them getting their needs. When new leaves and the stem continues to grow then it is a good sign that the plants will grow back again.

Also, depending on the kind of plants you have because some plants can grow again even if they don’t have any leaves but the stem is still long. While some other plants will not grow back when the stem is cut too long near the roots.

If the rabbit’s damage is too much then there is a chance that they will not grow back again. So if there are many rabbits in your location you must make protection for your plants.

By protecting your plants they will be safer and you will not worry about those animals if in case they roam around your garden.

How To Keep Rabbits Away And Prevent Them From Eating Your Plants?

If your house and your garden are surrounded by a fence then there will be no way for the rabbits to eat your plants. But if there is no fence, the rabbits can easily go to your plants and eat them.

To keep rabbits away from your garden, the fence can help you. The fence can prevent rabbits and other animals from entering your garden and damaging your plants.

You can use chicken wire as your fence around your house and garden or you can also make a small cage-like wire fence for each plant you have.

It depends on the garden you have and the place where you are. You just need to think of the best possible way how you will protect your plants and prevent rabbits from eating them.

Fencing your garden or your plants is a good thing and it is long-term protection. As long as the fence is strong and sturdy enough the animals will not damage your plants.

Another way you can do this is to grow some plants that rabbits don’t like. Some plants are producing strong scents that will keep rabbits away.

Some of those plants that you can grow to keep rabbits away from your plants are hot peppers, basil, garlic, rhubarb, and mint. But there are also times that even if you grow these plants they are not so effective and still the best way to do is good fencing.

What Smells Will Keep Rabbits Away?

The strong scent from plants like garlic, hot pepper, basil, mint, and rhubarb can keep rabbits away. Those plants can produce scents that rabbits don’t like. Some sprays can also keep rabbits away.

But the disadvantage of sprayers is it doesn’t give much result especially when it rains. The rain will make the spray less effective when there is too much rainwater and the solution mix.

Also, the spray is not a long-term solution to keep rabbits away from eating your plants. The scent of the spray becomes less as time pass by so you need to repeat spraying again to make the scent stronger.

You need to repeat and repeat spraying just to keep the rabbits away so it is not a long-term solution but by placing a fence the plants will be much safer.

A fence with a good height will be good so that the rabbits cannot jump into it. A closed cage fence like is also good to use.


Plants that are damaged by the rabbits can somewhat grow back again when there is only less damage to the plants. By protecting the plants by placing a fence on the garden or each plant they will be safer. Keep rabbits away and the plants will thrive best.