Can You Plant Potatoes Right After You Cut Them?

Do you have many potatoes that you are going to plant in your garden but you are thinking if you can plant them right after you cut them?

For some experts in gardening they sit it for a few days before planting but what if you don’t sit them and plant them immediately, are there any problems with doing that?

Can You Plant Potatoes Right After You Cut Them?

Yes, you can plant potatoes just right after you cut them. Those potatoes have the ability to sprout and grow as a plant.

It is not common practice for cut potatoes to be planted immediately but there are also many growers who plant those potato cuts quickly.

Also, some growers leave those potato cuts for a few days like 2-3 or more days before planting. The reason why they do that is to make the cut heal first so that it will not get the disease.

By letting the cut heal first the potatoes will be safer and will have a great chance to grow. When many potatoes are growing you will have a chance to harvest many crops sooner.

Potatoes mature in between 60 to 90 days depending on the varieties you have. Some other varieties may also take much longer before you can harvest.

How Long After You Cut Potatoes Can You Plant Them?

Most of the time, potatoes are planted after 2 to 3 days after cutting them. Some gardeners leave it for about 10 days before planting.

Letting those cuts heal first will make potatoes a little bit resistant to disease. Also, those potatoes will not rot when they are planted since those cuts are already healed.

The days on how long you will plant them will depend on your choice. There are gardeners who don’t wait and they just plant them right after cutting them and they don’t have problems growing those potatoes.

Cutting potatoes is doesn’t really need but it is being done to increase potato yield. If you cut a potato you will have the potential to grow two plants instead of one.

How Do You Seal Cut Potatoes For Planting?

You can seal those cut potatoes by leaving them for about a few days. The cut will just heal in and it will harden which makes them safer from getting the disease when they are planted in the ground.

You just need to let those potatoes on a side and wait until they are healed before planting. But there are gardeners who grow potatoes just right after cutting them.

So it will depend on what you prefer but most of the time it is best to let the cut heal first then plant those potatoes.

The potatoes are being cut to increase potato yield. You will harvest more if you have lots of potato cuts.

What Happens If You Plant Potatoes Upside Down?

If potatoes are planted upside down they might not grow well. The eyes of the potatoes are on the upper part and planting them upside down will make them don’t grow well.

But there are chances that those potato slips can manage to grow and show up above the soil. The slips will find a route, turn, and move into the surface of the soil.

If you will try to observe most of the gardeners plant the potatoes upside. The cut is on the lower part and the eyes of the potatoes are on the upper part.

So you must do the same as most gardeners do to make the potatoes grow. If the potatoes turned upside down because of some reason, you can still fix and bring the potatoes back to their original placement.

You can slowly dig the soil and bring back those potatoes in the right hole and cover with some soil. The potato plants will grow in a matter of days or weeks and will have many potato crops under the soil when they get mature.

Can I Grow Potatoes From Supermarket?

Yes, you can grow potatoes bought from supermarkets or groceries but it is best to find certified potatoes from nurseries or garden centers.

One reason why it is not good to grow potatoes bought from supermarkets or stores is that most of them are treated with herbicide or sprout inhibitors.

They are treated which some chemicals that make them last longer and prevent them from rooting which keeps them consumable.

Those kinds of potatoes don’t have a high chance of germination so you must find or buy certified potatoes.

Those potatoes from the grocery store still have a chance of germination but it is somewhat at a lower rate than certified potatoes.

Certified potatoes have a high chance of germination and they will produce more yield. Also, most potatoes grown on the farm are certified potatoes which make them harvest a lot of potatoes.