Will Carrots Still Grow Without Tops?

Carrots are a popular root vegetable, and for good reason. They’re tasty and easy to grow in many climates. But did you know that the tops of carrots play an important role in producing these tasty veggies? Why is it important to leave the top greens on your carrots?

Top greens are needed for photosynthesis.

Carrot tops are the carrot’s food source, and they need their tops to produce well. The carrot tops provide energy for the carrots to grow, just as leaves do in other plants. Without this energy source, your carrot plant will stop growing.

If you’ve recently harvested your carrots but still want to grow more, try leaving the greens on until new growth happens—it may take a few weeks for this to occur.

Alternatively, you can cut off the tops once you harvest your carrots and then replant them in another area of your garden or yard so that they’ll regrow again next year.

Carrot greens are the carrot’s food source.

You’ve probably heard that carrots need their tops to grow properly. True, but they also need them for a very different reason: to survive.

Carrot greens are the carrot’s food source, and they produce photosynthesis in order to convert sunlight into food for the root itself. Without these leaves, your carrots won’t be able to produce well at all.

If there are carrots growing under the ground but they are still small, they will grow small and maybe stop growing if the tops will be cutted. You need to let those tops grow on and wait for the carrots to grow bigger and harvest them before cutting those tops.

If you want to cut the tops, you can just cut a few inches but don’t over do it. Leave a good size top on the plant so that the carrots will be able to make its food. 

If you grow many carrots in your garden you can cut a few inches of tops from one plant to another plant. You will have a good amount of carrot tops when you combine all them together.


Carrots are one of the most popular vegetables in the world. If you’ve tried growing your own carrots and were disappointed with their lack of success, there may be a reason why: their tops. 

Carrots need their tops just as much as any other plant because these tops are helping the plant in making food for the plant by converting sunlight into their food. This leafy green substance helps turn sunlight into energy so your plants can grow healthy roots and big leaves too.