Why Start an Urban Garden?

Why Start an Urban Garden

Why start an urban garden. Urban gardening is great but why you should start making it. When you grow a garden you produce goods. And when there are foods their people will not be hungry. And when people are not hungry they are strong enough to do their test their work and many activities. That is one of the reason why start an urban garden.

So here are the reasons why start an urban garden

Self reason


When you are making an urban garden it will make you happy. That is a reason why art an urban garden. When you make a garden at home it will make you happy. It will make you feel better because when you see your plants growing and it start bearing fruits it feels great. starting an urban garden well fulfill our selves.

Improves creativity

Well making garden is not just planting the plants. But it also improves your creativity on how you are going to plant those plants. The alignment the appearance and the overall design of your plants will show how much you are creativity a person you are.


Well people have many passion in life. There are people who are passionate to grow a garden because they love it so much. So when you are passionate enough to grow plants flowers or any plants that you know then you can start an urban garden.


Well if you start making an urban garden it will improve your patience. Why because growing a plants takes times to grow. So while the time is running and the plants are started growing you will be aware of how long the plants are growing and you will notice that it will takes time.


Well making an urban garden will also help you to earn money. If you grow flowers and you sell it you can get some money to buy your needs. Also if you grow vegetables then it will be better because people buy vegetable to eat. That’s a great idea why start an urban garden.


Well if you want to have some foods at home then grow plants at home. In this way you will not buy foods at the market anymore since you have growing plants at your backyard. Another thing you’ll be happy because you grow your plants and after that you harvest soon.

Family reason


Well you should grow or start an urban garden because of your family. Your family needs food to eat everyday. So when you start an urban garden it will help definitely your family because you will not go to the market just to buy foods because you already have plants at home.


Well if you start an urban garden and make it as your business then it will help your family to produce some profit. If you have more vegetables at home and then sell it then you will gain more money. Another thing if you grow flowers and it blooms then many people will absolutely by your flower because it is in demand every time.


Well growing a garden with your family makes you bond together. You and your family will be happy because you are bonding together with happiness and as your way of caring and loving each other.

Environment reason

Clean environment

This is a great reason why start an urban garden. When making an urban garden makes your environment clean. When the plants started growing and they become bigger they will produce more leaves, fruits and flowers. When it happens it will make the environment clean. It is so refreshing to mind and to the eyes of the people.

Increase oxygen

Well plants are the main reason of having many oxygen. So if you plant more plants then definitely it will increase our oxygen in our environment. Those oxygen will help people and animals to breath. So you should plant more plants vegetables trees and other plants because it will help our environment.

Decrease air pollution

Another reason it will decrease air pollution. Since the plants are producing oxygen and the plants needs carbon dioxide then the air pollution will decrease even as little as possible. The plants get those carbon dioxide and the plants produces oxygen and it goes off into the air. That’s why plants are very important to our environment.


Well urban gardening makes you also are resourceful people. Why because when you use bottles cans tires and any other recyclable materials in growing your garden then you make the environment clean and you are practicing recycling.

Community reason

Increase food supply in the market

Why start an urban garden? If you grow many plants at home and you sell it then it will increase food supply. When it happen. The stuck in the market will increase and the price of those vegetables will decrease because there are many stuck in the market. Many people can save money and because of that they will be healthy.

Job opportunities

Well if you make a garden as your business then you create job opportunities to others. Why let’s say that you make a bigger size urban garden then you need some workers to work with you. When they were could do you need to pay them with money. And because of that you have them and also they help you to grow your business.

Animal reason

Foods for animal

Well if you have a garden at home and it produced foods then animals can also it those plants. Organic foods are best for people and also animals. When the foods are organic it will make those animals healthy.

Another thing instead of animal foods which are being sold at the market then why you should try those organic foods which are came from the nature. In this way also they will not get any health diseases.

Thank you for reading this article about why start an urban garden. Hope you learn as little as possible. More articles will be publish and hope you come back soon. Thank you very much.