When To Fertilize Peach Trees?

when to fertilize peach trees

Peach trees gets its food from the sunlight, water and nutrients coming from the soil. Those things are essential and they needed it to grow well. If the tree gets enough amount of those things, the tree will be stronger and healthy. Feed your tree with nutrients. But when to fertilize peach trees?

About Fertilizing Peach Trees

Fertilizer is very important to peach tree. The Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium will help the tree to grow well. It helps the tree to produce more leaves, bigger and longer branches, bigger and stronger trunk, more roots, flowers and fruits. This also help the tree to be disease resistant. You need to help the tree to be healthy and will give you more fruits that you want.

When To Fertilize Peach Trees?

Fertilize the peach tree during spring and early summer. During this time is the best period to give nutrients to your tree. Having lack of nutrients will make your tree grow poor so you need to improve the soil by giving 10-10-10 fertilizer. You can also use even balance like 12-12-12 or 20-20-20.

Younger Peach Trees

The newly planted younger peach trees should be fertilize after one week. Don’t apply fertilizer to the tree after planting and just wait for around 7 days. This is because the fertilize might damage the roots of the tree especially for newly planted. After that wait for around one month and a half (6 weeks) for the next application. Do the application during early spring and early summer. When everything is done, it will slowly establishes its roots and produce more leaves and branches. The growth of peach tree will takes place after a time.

2 Years Old Peach Trees

During the second year of the peach trees, 3/4 pound (0.34 kilogram) of nitrogen should be added once in spring and once in early summer. The tree growth continues and it will establish even more. The height of the tree becomes taller and produce more branches and leaves. Apply the fertilizer 8-12 inches (20-30 cm from the trunk to prevent tree damage and help the roots to grow longer.

After 3 Years

Add 1 pound (0.45 kg) of nitrogen after the 3rd year. The mature trees need this amount of nitrogen to grows well. The application should takes place during spring per year. It will help the tree to grow more foliage. The foliage will be helpful to create its food. When the sunlight hits the leaves, it will be process under the photosynthesis and turn into glucose which the plant use for energy. The application of fertilizer should be around 12-18 inches (30 to 46 cm) from the trunk to help the roots spread out.

The application of fertilizer should only be between spring and mid summer. It not recommended to fertilize the tree during fall and winter. Knowing when to fertilize peach trees will be a good guide in growing the tree.

Can You Fertilize Peach Trees In Fall?

No, you can’t fertilize peach trees in fall. It is not great to put fertilizer during this period because the tree will start to lose its leaves and will be dormant in the next few weeks. The nutrients will not be taken by the tree and it might be lose when the winter comes.

Do You Have To Fertilize Peach Trees?

Yes, you have to fertilize peach trees especially when their is lack of nutrients on the soil. The main reason why you apply fertilizer is to improve the soil. When there are abundant nutrients, the tree will grow bigger, healthier and stronger. The fertilizer will help the tree to establish even more and produce more flowers and fruits.

How To Fertilize Peach Trees Organically?

Fertilizing peach trees organically can be done by putting organic matters like compost on the soil. The compost is made up of decaying materials like leaves, grasses, wood chips, etc. You can also add animal manure to improve soil quality. You can buy organic materials from the agriculture store or make your own at home.

How Often To Fertilize Peach Trees?

Fertilize the peach trees twice a year. Apply during the early spring and early or mid summer. The encourages the tree growth and many other factors.

What Kind Of Fertilizer Should I Use For Peach Trees?

You can use 10-10-10, 12-12-12, or 20-20-20 kind of fertilizer for your peach trees. There are other kinds that you can use that will the growth of the tree. If the tree receives the right amount of fertilizer it will thrives well. Don’t apply too much fertilizer to prevent damaging of the roots.

Why Is Fertilizer Good For Peach Trees?

Fertilizer is good for your peach trees because it encourages to be established, produce more foliages, bigger and longer branches, bigger trunk, more roots, flowers, fruits and it makes the tree strong, healthy and disease resistant. It will be not easy to damage by the disease when maintains well.

Those are some informations about when to fertilize peach trees. You can make some test to know if your soil have nutrients or have not. You can use organic or synthetic ones to help the tree in its growth.