Uses Of Mango Tree

uses of mango tree

The mango tree produces sweet and delicious fruits. People love eating mangoes whether it is green or ripe. The green mango fruits can be eaten raw, even if they taste sour but it is still delicious to eat. The ripe ones taste so sweet. There are other awesome things about the tree. What are those uses of mango tree?

Every vegetable, plant, herb, tree, etc. have its uses. They can be used as foods to eat, mix in some dishes, helps improve health, and many other things. It is really useful and helpful to humans and also to animals. It is great to grow and you will know that there are many environmental benefits of mango tree.

Uses Of Mango Tree

Gives Oxygen

The mango tree produces oxygen which what human and animals need. It makes the air cleaner. People and animals need oxygen in order to breathe. Without oxygen people and animals cannot live. Mango trees have a very important role to human and animals life.

When there are many mango trees growing, more oxygen will be produce. Carbon dioxide coming from the factories and vehicles are pull in to leaves and being convert to oxygen. It undergoes to photosynthesis process and it feeds the tree. If there are more carbon dioxide the air will not be fresh. Its a little bit hard to breathe when the air is polluted.

The mango tree is very useful to makes fresh air. Its very relaxing to go on vacation and feel the breeze of the wind. On the urban places, there are many vehicles and establishment that affects the air quality compare to rural areas. Another thing is there are less tree in the city because more houses, buildings, bridges are being built and the land space becomes limited. But even living in the city, it is also possible to grow dwarf mangoes in containers.

Use To Make Furniture

The mango tree is hardwood. It is strong and durable in which there are many furnitures can be built using the wood. One example is table. The mango tree wood can be use to make table. Tables are use in the kitchen to place foods, use for studying and many other helpful things.

The wood can also be use to make chair. The table is not complete without it. It is very comfortable when you are eating or studying while sitting. When you are trying to get something on high area but you can’t reach it by your hand, you can use the chair, stand on it and get the object. Also you can go outside to relax while sitting on mango wood chair.

There are many other kitchen accessories that can be made using the mango wood. Chopping board can be made using it. When slicing vegetables, meats, and other foods, we need chopping board to slice tehm easily. Its very helpful when cooking at home. Other wood furniture can be made that will helps at home.

Gives Shade

The canopy of mango tree is big which is great to gives shade. Younger tree has smaller canopy and the older one has bigger size one. The leaves of the tree gives shade. When the weather is too hot, people can go under the tree to stays cool. They will feel refresh when the wind breeze.

Going on a long ride can be exhausting. When you are driving a car and needs to stop for a moment, going under the shade of mango is great. There are some mango trees growing beside the road and you can park near to it. It makes your car and you cool. Also if there are vendor of juices near the area you can drink and enjoy.

Mango tree growers who have a little bit big farm cares for the tree well. They make sure that their tree is healthy so that they can have a good harvest to come. Watering and applying fertilizer can be exhausting but they can lay under the tree and takes some rest. Its really enjoyable seeing your tree grows and thriving well. Harvest season will comes sooner.

Makes Surrounding Beautiful

Mango trees can make surroundings beautiful. Its very nice to see more green leaves around. When the tree started to bloom, it becomes colorful. The yellow flowers are showing around the tree. Even you are a few distance you will see the tree beautiful.

Its a simple uses of mango tree that people can be observe. Commonly people grows flowers and use it to beautifies the surrounding because of its beautiful and colorful flowers. But trees can also be use. Their flowers and also fruits will makes people happy. During harvesting it will produce fruits and people can eat them to be healthy.

There’s no doubt that mango trees is very useful, it has many uses. People loves mango and they started growing it. The tree grows well tropical climate. It loves more sunlight to make its food and grows well. More flowers and fruits will be produce when it gets the right amount of sun.

Animal Shelter

Some animals like birds use mango tree to build their nest. They lay their eggs on the nest and wait for them until they hatched. The mango tree is very helpful to animals. They make their home on the branches of the tree. Sometimes they also see worms on the leaves and they eat it or feed to young birds.

Gives Fruits

Another uses of mango tree is it give fruits. Mango fruits are delicious to eat. Both raw and ripe fruits are healthy. The unripe one taste sour and the ripe is sweet. It contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. It contains vitamin c which is good to make a strong immune system.

Uses Of Mango Fruits

Fruit Juices

There are many mango plantation that produces tons of mango in which they are processed in the factories to make fruit juices. Juice in cans are easy to consume because even you are riding on a bus you can drink them easily. But if you prefer not to buy, you can make your own homemade mango juice. Its very relaxing to drink fruit juices.


Mango fruits can be use to make pickles. Pickles are delicious and healthy to eat. This fruit is very useful to make one. People loves to eat and some of them tries to make new recipes or foods using fruits. Pickles is a good one to make at home. One value of mango tree is to make fruits to be used as pickles.


The mango fruit if a food that people can eat. The green mangoes are edible even it tastes sour. Some people use salt to gives a great taste others use sugar. But the ripe one taste so good. They are color yellow when ripe and some have more juices coming out from the fruits.

Those are some informations about uses of mango tree. Its really helpful in many ways. From food up to the environment, there is much importance of mango tree. Growing more mango trees will benefits the people, animals and the environment.