Urban Garden Advantages and Disadvantages

Urban Garden Advantage and Disadvantage

Urban garden advantages and disadvantages. Gardening is a very awesome thing to do. That’s why there are many people making gardens in the city. But having an urban garden has advantages and disadvantages. So what are they?

Urban Garden Advantages

Produces more foods

Producing more foods is an excellent urban garden advantage. Well, if you grow a garden in the city, the increases in food production will happen. It’s because more plants like vegetables well produce foods to eat. Well, there are green leafy vegetables that people are going to eat.

For example, ten men in the city have a tomato garden. Each garden has 30 growing tomatoes. So when you compute it, 30 tomatoes times 10 = 300 tomatoes all and all. But it doesn’t end there because try to imagine those 300 tomatoes bear ten tomatoes each it will be equal to 3,000 tomatoes all and all that is pretty awesome.

There are many vegetables that you can grow in urban places, and if you develop this kind of vegetables, it will produce more harvest more foods. You will be benefited and also other people if you grow many plants. You can harvest more, and you can sell those excessive harvests.

Produces more oxygen

Producing more oxygen is another urban garden advantage. People and animals need oxygen. It is essential because, without oxygen, people and animals cannot breathe. So another advantage of the urban garden is it produces more oxygen.

When you grow many vegetables in your backyard or beside your house, those vegetables or plants will produce oxygen. That oxygen will go into the air, which will help you breathe every day.

Bigger plants will produce more fresh air this will be good for our environment.

Beautifies the environment

Another advantage of having an urban garden is it makes the environment beautiful. Try to imagine there are many vegetables there and it produces more fruits. For example, there are many tomatoes there and just seeing the fruits of the tomatoes ripening the color orange to red is very awesome to see. It’s an excellent urban garden advantage.

Another thing is, an urban garden doesn’t mean it’s all about vegetables, but it also talks about trees and flowers. When there are many flowers like roses or orchids, it’s very refreshing to our feeling and our mind.

Those flowers are colorful, and they are very fragrant flowers smell. It is refreshing and very calm when we smell fragrant perfume, but it is incredible if it is a natural flower.

Potential of producing more jobs

The advantages of another urban garden are that it might produce more jobs. Well, there are small and also more enormous size gardens in the city. Some of them make for their own. Other people make it as a business. So when there are many establishments, many business structures being made in the city, the potential of producing more jobs will increase.

You have a business; you cannot do it yourself, especially when it is significant. So what will happen is you will hire workers to work with you. In this way, you can move quickly and maintain the growth of your business.

When there are jobs, people will also earn money from your business. You will pay them in cash because they’re working with you. That is very awesome because people well make some income.

People can save money

The urban gardens advantage for people is they can save money. Well, when you have a garden in your backyard, it will produce vegetables or food. When this vegetable starts to produce fruits, you will harvest them. When you have those fruits, you will not buy any more to the market.

In that way, you will save money. Producing more plants and vegetables will make you also healthy because it has many vitamins and minerals content. Another thing if you practice Organic urban garden, it is excellent because it will be safe for you and your health.

Because the organic gardening practice of using organic fertilizer has no chemical content, unlike those chemical fertilizers or the synthetic fertilizer sold at the market, it’s not safe for the health of the people because it has a chemical. Another thing you use that fertilizer from the market; you will spend money to buy it.

Urban Garden Disadvantages

Limited space for planting

Urban garden disadvantage. There are many tall buildings, establishments, businesses, and many other structures in urban places. The space for planting is very limited. There are only a few spots for you to make your garden.

If you have a small space for gardening at the front or even the backyard of your house, then it is perfect. But not all people have an opening for planting in their house.

But it is; still, you can create a very wonderful urban garden. You are using recycled materials like cans, bottles, old shoes, old clothes, drums, pails, deeper, and other materials.
Also, if you have a decent amount of money, you can buy pots at the market.

You can use all of those to make a garden.
But growing plants inside the container also depends on the size of the plants. You cannot grow bigger plants inside the pots because they will not grow well. So what you need to do is use smaller plants, and you’re going to be awesome.

Lack of experience

Next urban garden disadvantage. Growing an urban garden is not easy for those who haven’t experienced growing plants, even a garden. So this will be tough for those beginners who want to grow a garden.

But nowadays, you can grow it pretty well because there are many sources of information on the internet on youtube or try to search in google on how to make an urban garden.

Plants are different from each other. Vegetables, trees, flowers, herbs, and many other plants have differences.
Some plants need to water twice a day, other plants need to water at least once a week, and others need more sunlight and many other things. So it would help if you searched very well to make your garden perfect.

Animals like rats

The urban garden disadvantages animals. Well, rats or mice are one of the problems of an urban garden. It’s because rats or mice will eat your plants commonly day damage your growing plants by eating the fruits or even the leaves of it.

So it would help if you were an observer, especially when there are some damages that you don’t know its cause. When the rats eat your vegetables, you need to apply some precautions to avoid or prevent it from again happening.

But there are many ways to prevent the rats from going to your garden. There is much information on the internet or even on youtube, so you need to watch it to gain more knowledge and tips.

Thank you very much for reading this article about urban garden advantages and urban garden disadvantages.