Simple Steps in Planting Winged Bean

Simple Steps in Planting Winged Bean

Today, learn the simple steps in planting winged beans. The winged bean is a vegetable vine that climbs. It has many vitamins and minerals that will help our body. So let us learn the simple steps in planting winged beans.

So, what are the simple steps in planting winged beans? To plant winged beans, get winged bean seeds. Then find a location where you will grow. Plant the seeds one inch deep with a plant spacing of one meter apart. After one week, the winged bean seeds will germinate. Put climbing support or trellis, and after 3 to 4 months, start harvesting winged beans.

How to Grow Winged Bean Seeds

To grow winged beans from seeds, get dry seeds. You can get 4 to 8 seeds from one pod. If you know some farmers in your location, you can ask for winged bean seeds or look for the nearest agriculture store in your area.

When you have now the winged bean seeds, get a small bin or container and put water inside.

Then, put the bean seeds inside. The water will help the seeds soften, and after three days, it will break the seed coat.

Then, it will produce white roots, and that’s when you can plant the seeds on the soil. So let us continue this below.

How to Grow Winged Bean in the Soil From Start to Finish

Find a location where you will grow the winged bean. Look for a place where the sunlight is abundant.

A loam soil will be best for this vine. It would help if you got quality winged bean seeds when you have the location.

To get winged bean seeds, you can asked from the gardeners in your location.

Ask them to give you some dry pods to get around four to eight seeds in a pod. Or try to seek in the market.

Start soaking them in the water for three days when you have the seeds now. This way, the seeds will soften. The water makes the seeds become bigger and help them to germinate.

After three days, you will see a progressive result showing cracks on the seed coat.

If you see the cracks in the seed cover, it means it will now start growing the roots. Then start planting winged beans in the soil.

One the soil, cultivate it, and make it pulverized. It needs just a tiny portion of the soil. Then dig up for a hole around one to two-inch deep. Put one to two seeds per hole.

If you grow more winged bean seeds, put three meters apart as your planting space. This winged bean vine grows bigger, so you need a little space for them.

When the winged bean starts growing and will now begin climbing, put some trellis. The trellis is where the winged bean will hold and climb. You can also use the garden fence or other plants as a climbing area.

Continue watering it every day, mainly early in the morning and late afternoon. The water will help the winged beans to grow better.

Also, put in some fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is recommended because its eco-friendly fertilizer.

Using organic materials like leaves, wood chips, grasses, and animal manure, you can make your organic fertilizer. When you have the fertilizer, put it on the base of the vines.

Also, you can put mulch. The mulch will help to maintain moisture on the soil. It also prevents the grasses from growing around the plants.

After three to four months, you can now harvest the winged bean pods.

How to Grow Winged Bean At Home?

You can grow winged beans directly on the soil or in the container. Any of the two will be possible to pick which one is suitable for your location. The procedure is already there above, so try to read the procedure.

How to Grow Winged Bean In Container?

First, follow how to grow winged bean seeds in the procedure above. Then, get a bigger size container. Make holes below that will serve as drainage.

Then, fill the container with some soil; loam soil will be best. Place one to two seeds in the container around one to two-inch deep. Cover it with soil and water it after. The seeds will start growing.

After a few weeks, it will start to climb. Make a trellis that will serve as climbing. After three to four months, it will start producing young winged bean pods.

Growing Winged Bean In the Urban Places?

It can be possible by using the container. In urban places, finding soil for planting will not be easy as many buildings and houses are there. So the best option is to use containers or pots.

Then follow the above procedure on how to grow winged bean vines in the container.

Winged Bean Planting Distance?

Make a three meters planting distance so that it can grow well and achieve maximum growth. Having a planting distance will help get more nutrients coming off the soil.

How Deep to Plant Winged Bean Seeds?

Plant the winged bean seeds around one to two-inch deep.

How Long to Grow Winged Bean?

Winged bean takes three to seven days to germinate. It takes three to four months to produce pods and almost a year to live.

When to water winged bean?

Water it twice a day; one is early in the morning and two late in the afternoon.

How to Harvest Winged Bean?

To harvest winged beans, just cut them from the vines. Make sure that it is green in color and not too young and old.

How to Apply Fertilizer on Winged Bean?

To apply fertilizer on this vine, put the fertilizer on the base of the plant. Cover it again with some soil. The best fertilizer to put in the vine is organic fertilizer.

How to Care for Winged Bean?

There are many ways on how to do it. One is cleaning the area, removing grasses, two is watering it every day, and three is putting some fertilizer.

What kind of Soil that Suit for Winged Bean?

The best soil for this vine is loam soil.

Where to buy Winged Bean seeds?

You can buy it from the nearest agriculture store.

Thank you for reading this article about simple steps in planting winged beans. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this. I hope you learn something from us even as little as possible. Thank you, and come back for more upcoming articles.