6 Parts of Eggplant

Parts of Eggplant

Today, learn what are the parts of eggplant. Are you a gardener? Or just an individual looking for some information about eggplant? Well, either of the two or none of the two we know you are interested in this article. That’s the reason why you are here. This article is about the eggplant parts. You will know some of its parts, characteristics, and function. So lets, go reading what are the parts of eggplant and start identifying more information.

So, what are the parts of eggplant?

  1. Seeds
  2. Roots
  3. Leaves
  4. Stems
  5. Flowers
  6. Fruits

1. Seeds

The eggplant seed is a part of eggplant in which is where the offspring came from. The seeds are the main reason for producing plants. Thus, without the seeds, you cannot grow eggplant.

The seeds of an eggplant can be compared to other seeds like tomatoes and peppers. This is because the size of them and their appearance is closely the same as each other. The seeds are very small and have brown to black.

The seeds have a very important role in which without the seeds you cannot grow plants. You plant the seeds and when they started to germinate it will grow better. After some time it will produce fruits that you can harvest so on. It’s important to know the parts of eggplant.

2. Roots

The eggplant roots are a part of the eggplant in which it transports nutrients to every part of the plant. The roots are located below the stem, and also located under the soil. The roots of eggplant grow more and it continues to sprout.

During the start of growing the eggplant, the roots are very small in size. This is due to the smaller the plant is, the small its roots too. And when the plant is older, it will produce bigger roots also. The roots are color white when young and turn brown as time passes by.

The roots have a very important role in the plant. It transports the vitamins and minerals to every part of the plant in which makes the plants healthy. When the plant gets more vitamins, it will grow bigger. And you can see that through its leaves, flower, and fruits. You need to put more fertilizer so that the roots will help to transport it to the plants for better growth.

3. Leaves

The eggplant leaves are a part of the eggplant in which it produces foods for the plant. The leaves of the eggplant have the power and capability to make food using sunlight. It undergoes the process of photosynthesis.

When the leaves get more sunlight, they can produce more food. The sunlight is the main food of the plant. When the eggplant gets enough sunlight, you can see a progressive effect by having more green leafy leaves. Aside from that, the plants grow bigger and healthier.

When you see the eggplant leaves, it has many pointed soft tips on the end and it is harder. It is a little bit thick compared to other leaves. The size of it is a little bit bigger and has the color purple on its leaves edge.

4. Stem

The eggplant stem is the main body of the eggplant. The stem produces small branches, flowers, and fruits. Through the stem, the eggplant can stand alone on the soil.

With a stronger stem, the plant can fight for the strong winds thus it doesn’t fall easily. The stem has a bulk on its part. It is color green when young and turns to brown after. The size of the stem is small when young and becomes bigger after a few weeks or even months.

The stem has a very important role in the plant. The nutrients enter the roots and then continue to the stem. The stem process is to the other parts like the leaves, flowers, and fruit. On the stem, it will show off the leaves. The leaves grow bigger and hold on to this part. The flowers and fruits are also growing in this part.

5. Flowers

The eggplant flowers are a part of the eggplant in which helps the plant to produce fruits. The flower is the main reason why you can see eggplant fruits. During the time of flowering, it produces a bunch of flowers that help to make more fruit.

The flower is purple with white and it is beautiful. This has a soft texture and is easy to be broken. This is also small in size and has pointed tips.

The flowers of the eggplant help to produce eggplant fruit. That’s why you need to care for it even more. The flowers can turn to fruit or they might fall. The important thing is you need to care about it even more.

6. Fruits

The eggplant fruit is the part of the eggplant in which it helps to produce seeds. Through the fruit, you can get several numbers of seeds. The fruit also is being eaten. This is the part being sold and eaten by the people.

The eggplant fruit is violet in color. The sizes may vary according to what varieties of eggplant you planted. There are longer kinds of eggplant like the popular Japanese eggplant, bigger type like an egg, and also the curve like eggplant. The eggplant has a smooth texture. When you press it firm you will notice it. The fruit has a very important role in the plant as it makes more seeds for the plant.

This part needs more care. Eggplant fruit is very attractive to pests commonly worms. The worm may attack any time so you need to protect it by removing worms when you see them or applying pesticides.

Thank you for reading this article about parts of eggplant. Thank you for your time and effort in reading this whole stuff. Hope you learn something coming from us even as little as possible. More articles to produce and hope you come back soon.