6 Parts of Tomato

Parts of Tomato

Knowing the parts of tomato plant is essential, especially for growers. They need to know it well to understand how to care for them. When they know their plant, they are also aware id the possible pests and diseases that might attack the tomato and learn how to protect them. Before growing this plant, they need to do early research to know the tomato plant well.

So, what are the parts of tomatoes?

  1. Seeds
  2. Roots
  3. Stem
  4. Leaves
  5. Flowers
  6. Fruits

1. Seeds

The tomato seeds are a part of tomatoes which helps the farmers to produce more tomatoes. Farmers can germinate and grow them on the soil through the tomato seeds.

When you see tomato seeds, it is tiny in size. The appearance of the seeds is like eggplant and peppers. They look the same. It has white to yellowish to orange in color.

It would help if you had seeds to grow tomatoes. Germinating Tomato seeds is very easy. It would help if you planted it first on the seedbox and transplanted it to its final designated place.

2. Roots

The root is a part of tomato in that it transports vitamins and minerals to every aspect of the plant. When there are many nutrients on the soil, the roots have a role in transporting them to all plant parts. That is the central role of this part.

The roots of the tomato are soft and small in size. When it grows, it becomes more prominent and tends to be more complex. From the color white, it turns to the color brown. Also, from shorter turns to longer.

You need to water the soil regularly so that the roots will send it to every part. When the plants get more water, you will see better plant growth. It will produce healthier leaves, flowers, and fruits. It’s great to know the parts of tomatoes.

3. Stem

The tomato stem is a part of the tomato in which it is the main body of the plant. The branch has a rough texture. It also has a soft stem that is easy to cut.

During the early days of the tomato, it has a smooth and light stem. It can be easily be cut and damaged.

The young tomato seedling has the softest stem because it is young, while the older one can have a harder one.

You can see growing leaves, flowers, and fruits on the stem. This part shows them because that is the branch’s role, to produce those other parts.

4. Leaves

The tomato leaves are a part of the tomato in which it produces foods for the plant. Without the leaves, the tomato cannot grow well. You will see yellowish leaves and not-so-healthy plants when it doesn’t get more sunlight.

The tomato leaves have a pointed edge. It is small in size and also has a rough texture. There is a smell on the leaves, and it is not so fair but excellent when you smell it. Some people like the smell but others don’t.

When the tomatoes have many leaves, it will help to produce more foods. When the plant gets more foods, it will be more healthy and produce more leaves, flowers, and fruits. Knowing the parts of tomato will give the growers some guide to caring for them.

5. Flower

The tomato flower is a part of the tomato that helps the plant produce fruits. The leaves of tomatoes are beautiful. It has the color yellow on it and is very small. The flower’s texture is soft and smooth when you tough it.

Tomatoes produce more flowers. When this happens, the plants get more nutrients and foods; it makes more flowers. When the flowers are just new, there is a tendency to fall. Some flowers produce and turn into fruit.

It would help if you cared for the flower to produce more tomato fruit.

6. Fruits

The tomato fruit is a part of tomato in which it has many seeds content inside. The tomato fruit has vitamins and minerals that are good for the health of people.

Many farmers plant tomato because it is very nutritious. The minerals content help the peoples in terms of their health. Aside from that, the tomato fruit is being manufactured and being sold to the market. This kind of product has a high demand and people need it.

Growing tomato fruit is very easy. There are tons of tutorials out there from different countries and different varieties of tomatoes worldwide.

Follow the easy steps, and you can grow and harvest the tomato you planted in your backyard.

Thank you for reading this article about parts of tomatoes.