Lifespan Of Peepal Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of peepal tree

Knowing the lifespan of peepal tree is amazing to know. This tree is growing big. It produces big and long branches and lots of leaves are growing into it. The tree has a wide shade because of its branches. But how long does peepal tree live?

Lifespan Of Peepal Tree

The peepal tree lifespan is around 900 to 2,500 years. This tree can live for that long. But some peepal trees only last around 100 to 150 years. There are many factors that affects their longevity. But its really nice to see such a wonderful tree growing.

The peepal tree is growing tall. This tree can grow around 30 meters (98 ft) in height. Their trunk can also grow around 3 meters (9.8 feet) in diameter. They are really growing big.

The peepal tree also grow lots of leaves. The leaves are making a wide shade under the tree. They are also working to make food for the tree. When the sunlight hits the leaves they are being converted into sugar which the tree consume. They are growing fast especially when they get lots of sunlight.

Factors That Might Affect The Lifespan Of Peepal Tree

Tree Diseases

There are diseases that show up on trees. And this can affect the overall growth of the tree. Some of those diseases of the tree that might happen are chlorosis, Anthracnose, bacterial leaf spot, branch dieback, etc. Diseases can affect the leaf, branches, trunk and roots. Its hard to predict when it might happen and it will be a problem of the tree.


Pests can also attack the peepal tree. Some of them are feeding on the leaves. The leaves will turn yellow and eventually turn to brown. It will cause a serious problem for the tree if pests will continues damaging the tree. Other pests also live on the branches and it cause for it to be broken.


Sunlight is very important for the tree to produce its food. They need lots of sun so that they will grow faster. If the young peepal tree is growing beside the other big trees then sunlight might be block. Its great when the tree is growing in an open area far from tall trees. In that way it will get enough sunlight every daily.


Too much water can cause yellow leaves. Young trees can hold little water and when they are over watered it can cause yellowing of leaves. Too much water also can cause root rot. When the roots are damage the tree will be stress and might stop growing. The roots are very important for the tree. Right amount of water is needed for the tree to grow and prevent any further problem.

But during the drought days they need lots of water. Water is important so that the leaves, branches and all parts of the tree will continues to grow. Water also will helps the tree to stay cool and fresh.

Young peepal tree needs regular water to help them establish. Trees growing on the forest sometimes they get water in the river. Trees near the river can get water easily. It will help them to thrive well.


Quality soil is what the trees need. They like soil with abundant in nutrients. If there are many trees near the area, lots of leaves might fall to the ground and it will become fertilizer once they are fully decay. The nutrients are important for the trees so that they will grow a little bit faster and grow bigger. It will also make the tree healthy and makes the lifespan of peepal tree longer.


There are cases that bad weather happens. Storm can damage the peepal tree. During the storm the winds are strong and there are lots of rain. Strong winds can damage the branches and lots of leaves might drop. Also lots of rainfall can put the tree under the flood which can cause root rot.

High temperature or hot weather can also affect the tree. Some of its leaves might turn brown to early. And they might drop sooner. Hot weather can cause tree stress. Its not great when the tree is stress because it can cause other problem.

Those are some informations about lifespan of peepal tree, how long does it grow. They can live around 900 to 2,500 years but some trees only last around 100 to 150 years. They are growing really tall around 30 metes (98 ft) and have a wide canopy. Big shade is also created under the peepal tree.