How Long Do Palm Trees Live? (Lifespan)

lifespan of palm tree

The lifespan of palm tree is important thing for the grower. If the tree grows longer then they can get more benefits from the tree. Just like the coconut palm tree, they are producing lots of coconut. There are many things that can be do on coconut like making juice, oil and many things. But how long does palm trees live?

How Long Do Palm Trees Live?

On average the lifespan of palm tree is around 70 to 100 years. Most of the palm tree can live that long but there are other palm trees that grows only for 40 years.

The length of longevity of the tree depends upon on its species. Some trees don’t live that much long and others are short. There are many kinds of palm trees and they have their own specefic uses and benefits.

The lifespan of palm tree depends on its kind, for example the Mexican Fan Palm can grow around 100 years, coconut is around 80 to 90 years, Date palm for 90 to 100 years, Queen palms for 100 years, areca palm for 40 years, etc. They are different to each other but they can live for many decades. There are so many uses from the tree which help the people. Almost all parts of the tree are useful.

Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of Palm Trees


Weather can affect the palm trees. Too much cold can damage the root and trunk tissues, and if that happen the tree is limiting to transport enough water to the leaves. It will slows down the growth activity of the tree. The roots are very important part, if they are damage the tree will not be able to transport nutrients and water to all parts. It will not grow well if that happens.

But the palm trees are more commonly growing in the tropical climate. There are many countries that have tropical climate and there are many palm trees growing. Beside the beaches or in the mountains you can lot of trees. Some of them are coconut which are delicious to eat especially during the summer. The water also will remove your thirst.

Having a good weather which what the palm trees like, they will grow well. They can have a better lifespan when they are not stress. There are times that storm hit and it might damage the tree. Storm can bring have rains and strong winds. It can damage the tree especially its leaves and fruit.


Pests can really affect the palm trees. They can destroy and damage the tree which will lead to a poorer growth. Controlling these pests will put the tree in safe mode. When these pests attack, a remedies or control is needed to save the tree. There are chemical and natural pesticides that can be use to get rid of pests on palm tree.

Palm aphid is a pest that can damage the young fruits. They usually attack the chinese fan palm, coconut palm, Alexander palm, Washington palm and date palm. The control for this pest is by using insecticidal soap or horticultural oil. It will help to eliminate those pest.

Mealybugs is a pest that most commonly found in moist warm climates. The female mealybugs feed on plant sap and large number can damage the entire tree. Insecticidal soap can be use to get rid of them.

Scale Insect can damage the tree by inserting straw like appendage into the tree. They are sipping the fluids out, and several scales will put the tree in danger. Spraying of horticultural oil repeatedly can help to get rid of scales.

Coconut Mite only attacks coconut palm. These are tiny that feed on coconut fruit husk. It can affect young fruits and drop prematurely. Its hard to control mite but pruning may help to get rid of them instead.

When there are no pests on the palm tree, the lifespan of it will be longer. Controlling them as early as possible will help to make the tree safer.


Diseases on the palm tree can also affect their growth. Some of this diseases damage the fruit, leaves, roots, trunks and flower. They can cause serious problem which may affect the length of its lifespan.

Leaf spots are cause by fungi and some other bacteria on many trees. The spots can be small or big. Acute spots will not cause much damage to the tree but if it become severe, fungicides spray with copper hydroxide can be use to remove them.

Bacterial Bud Rot causes wet blight for the new leaf which can affect also until the bud. Bad smell might be present and the cold damage palms are usually affected. Fungicides with copper can be use as a treatment.


Water is very important to palm trees. They need it to stay hydrated. All parts of the tree needs water so that the growth of the tree will continues. Rainfall can be a good source of water for the tree. But not all times rain will comes.

There are palm trees growing near bodies of water like river, swamp, falls and lakes. Fresh water is a good source of water for the tree. They are suitable for the tree and will not cause any harm. If their roots are near to the water, they can easily sip and will grow well. Salt water is not good for trees. So water from the sea is not suitable for them.

Tree that gets enough water regularly tends to live longer. It will help to thrive well. Their leaves, bark roots, flower and fruits will be more and healthy. Its very important to give trees water especially during the hot summer.


Nutrients will help palm trees to grow faster and bigger. The nutrients can be found on the soil. Its either coming from the decay organic matters like leaves, grasses, wood, etc. or applied by human. There are so many benefits for the tree if the soil is rich.

Nutrients also help the the tree on its photosynthesis. When the sunlight hits the leaves, the nutrients also help it to be processed and convert into sugar. The sugar is what the tree being consume. The growth will be better when more sunlight is converted into food.

If the soil is poor, the tree will not grow well. You will know it base on how the tree grows. Poor soil will make the tree short, less leaves and thin in size. The growth is far beyond from other trees. You can improve the soil by adding fertilizer either organic or synthetic. Organic one like compost is great to add because its natural and eco-friendly.


Sunshine is helpful for the palm to create its food. With the help of nutrients also the convertion of sunlight into sugar becomes faster. The sunlight the hits the leaves are being process through the photosynthesis which will become sugar and consume by the tree. Young trees might not get enough sunlight especially when there are other bigger trees blocking the sun. Its great to grow palm trees in an open area far from other big trees.

When the trees get enough sunlight they need, the lifespan of palm trees will be longer. They need to gets food daily and atleast six hours of direct sunlight will be great.

Those are some informations about lifespan of palm tree. They can live around 70 to 100 years but some varieties only last for 40 years. Other kinds like dwarf trees may also be shorter.