Lifespan Of Mimosa Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of mimosa tree

Knowing the lifespan of mimosa tree is great because it’s a lovely tree. This tree produces beautiful pinkish flowers. It is so beautiful to see and people love beautiful things. This tree is growing well in sub-tropical and tropical countries. But how long does mimosa tree live?

Lifespan Of Mimosa Tree

The lifespan of mimosa tree is around 15 to 20 years. They have a short life expectancy compare to other trees but it still great. During those years they are growing and thriving well and producing a beautiful environment. Trees beautifies the surroundings and its stress reliever to watch. The lifespan of this tree will depends on many factors.

The mimosa tree is growing around 20 to 40 feet (6 – 12 meters) in height. It’s a litte bit tall and produces lots of leaves and beautiful flowers. The leaves of it is quite small. The flowers are quite bigger compare to the leaves. But its great to see mimosa tree in the environment.

Factors That Might Affect The Lifespan Of Mimosa Tree


Bad weather is not good for any kind of plants. Wether its too much heat or cold still its not great for the plants. Having too much heat can affect the lifespan of mimosa tree. Yes, they are growing well in sub-tropical and tropical countries but extremely high temperature can affects them. It can lower their life expectancy.

The cold can also damage the tree. It can cause damage on parts of the tree. The branches, trunk, leaves and other parts might be affected. It’s not happening on lots of places but only on some areas. But having no cold is great to make the tree safer.

Sometimes also there are storm coming to an area. It brings lot of rainfall and strong winds and it can cause lots of damage on the tree. When the tree puts in the flood it can cause root rot affecting the functions of the roots. Also strong winds can break the braches and lose lots of leaves. Bad weather can really affects the lifespan of mimosa tree.


There are some pests that might attack the mimosa tree. Some of these pests can really affect the growth of the tree. It is not great if there are pests because they might damage some of its parts like the leaves, branches and some other parts. Some of the pests of mimosa tree are; psyllids, spider mite, carpenterworms and webworms.

Psyllids and spider mite are kinds of insect pest that feeds on sap. They like sipping the sap from the tree. Psyllids are producing honeydew which what the ants like and sooty mold growth might happen. Spider mites also feed on the sap and can affects the leaves. It might turn to yellow or red then drops.

The carpenterworms and webworms might also affect the tree. The will infest the tree and some control or treatment is needed to prevent further damage. Neem oil, horticultural oil, insecticidal soap and other insecticides can help to control the pests. It can be useful to treat them and will keep the tree in a good condition.


The diseases can also affect the life expectancy of mimosa tree. The diseases are usually cause by fungus and need a treatment because it will cause lots of damage if not treated. The fusarium wilt is a kind of disease of mimosa tree. This disease can cause wilting and yellowing of leaves. It can also damage the branches.

This disease is hard to control and the best thing to do before you plant is choose a tree that are resistant to fusarium wilt. In that way the tree will grow longer and better. Less worries will happen if there are no diseases that might attack the tree.


The mimosa tree needs water to help them thrive better. The water helps them to reduce high temperature especially during the hot season. They can be watered by human or get its water from the near river or from rainfall.

The young mimosa tree needs regular water during its early stage. The water will help the tree to establish and spread its roots. The small roots will grow longer and bigger which makes the tree more solid. Strong winds can be handle when the tree is more establish.

Even the older mimosa tree still needs water. They need it to continues growing well. It will help them to grow leaves, branches, bigger trunk and more flowers.


The mimosa tree needs atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight. Its important for the tree to gets sunshine daily. There food is coming from the sun and if there is no sunlight, they cannot create their foods. It is needed for this tree to grow in the open field where there are no other trees that will block the rays coming from the sun.

The mimosa tree has small leaves. But even the leaves are quite small, still it can functions well and process the sun into foods. The sunlight undergoes on the photosynthesis process and then converted into sugar, in which what the tree consume. The more sunlight the more foods to be created.

Its important for the tree to be planted in open area. Its because there are times that there are big trees on the near area. Those big trees have longer branches and lots of leaves which can block the sunlight and the mimosa tree will no longer gets it. When the tree gets enough sunlight daily for the years to come it can have a great life expectancy.


Mimosa tree love soil that are rich in nutrients. Soil that has more nutrients helps the tree to grow faster and thrive well. Some of the leaves coming from the plants and trees on the surroundings that fall on the ground can be a fertilizer when they started to decay. There are many benefits of having a rich soil. More leaves, branches and flowers will produce.

On the early stage, the tree needs nutrients. It will help them to grow fast. The young trees are small on the first few years and it continues to grow taller on the years to come. If the soil is poor, the growth of the tree will be slower. But if the soil is rich in nutrients content that needed by the tree, it will grow faster.

Even older mimosa tree needs nutrients to continues growing. It will help them to support nutrients throughout the tree. Its very important to have a rich soil so that the tree will be healthier. When it gets enough nutrients for so long, the lifespan of it will also longer.

Those are some informations about the mimosa tree lifespan. The tree live for around 15 to 20 years. There are factors that might affect their lifespan. If the tree stays healthy they can live for that long period of time.