Lifespan Of Cashew Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of cashew tree

Knowing the lifespan of cashew tree will give the growers an idea on how long they can get nuts from the tree. Cashews are delicious to eat. There are many people likes to eat this nut. Its nutritious because it contains vitamins and minerals which are good for the health. Growing this tree takes a little bit time before the nuts show off. But how long does cashew tree live?

Lifespan Of Cashew Tree

The lifespan of cashew tree is around 20 to 25 years. Proper care is needed so that the tree will grow well and lives longer. It needs sunlight, water, nutrients, pest and diseases free so that it will have a great growth. More cashew will be harvested during the season and people will enjoy eating it. It is great having a longer life expectancy for cashew tree.

The cashew tree is growing around 10-12 m (33 to 39 ft) in height. But some trees can go as high as 14 m (46 ft) while the dwarf varieties are growing around 6 m (20 ft). This tree is evergreen tree means that it doesn’t lose leaves during the winter. It grows many leaves and its shape is oblong.

The tree grows an apple like fruit and the nuts are growing outside the fruit. Its different compare to other fruits because most fruits their seeds is growing inside while for the cashew its growing outside. There are many cashew dishes that can be cook and people will enjoy the food.

Factors That Might Affect Cashew Tree Lifespan


Stem and root borer. This kind of pest damage the tree by making tunnels all across the branches which causes for them to drop. Tea Mosquito bug sip the sap on the leaves which causes for them to deformed and drop. Leaf Miner is damaging the leaves by caterpillars which can make blisters and drop from the tree. Thrips cause for the leaves to turn yellow or gray and fall down, they sip the underside of the leaves. Bark borer attacks mainly the young trees and affect its growth, less fruit production will be the result.

Pests can cause a serious problem on the tree. Those pests are the main enemy of the grower and the tree. Making the tree free from pest will be great and the lifespan of cashew tree will be longer. keeping the tree in good condition in the long run wil be better. It will thrive and grow well.

The treatment and control for the pests can be pesticides or insecticides or any other useful one. It can eliminate those pest and remove them from the tree. Sometimes also there are organic and homemade that can be apply also.


Like pests, diseases also cause a serious problem for the cashew tree. No one wants to have diseases on their tree. Some of the diseases of cashew tree are Pestalotia leaf spot, bacterial spot, nut spot and anthracnose. Those diseases are affecting the nut, leaf and other parts of the tree. It is needed to control them to prevent further damage. Fungus are usually cause by the diseases and the fungicides will be a solution for the problem.


The water have also a role on the lifespan of cashew tree. When the tree gets enough water they will grow well. They need water because without water they will have a poor growth. The water can be applied by the human or gets it from the rainfall. The good growth will happen if the source of water is enough.

The young cashew tree needs to be watered regularly especially during its first early stage. The water will help the young tree to established helping their roots to spread out and becomes bigger. It will grow faster and taller once it gets right amount of water regularly. Young tree needs more water compare to older trees.

Older trees are drought tolerant. It means that even there is no source of water for a quite a long time, they can still live and grow. They can retain water for a long time and consume it. But it is still great to water old trees which will help them to produce more flowers and fruits.


Do cashew trees need direct sunlight? Yes, it needs direct sunlight of atleast 6 hours. This tree is best to grow in the open field where there are no trees that will block the sun. Direct sunlight is much stronger than not direct. The cashew tree can also grow in shaded area but not as great on the open area.

Growing cashew tree in shaded area makes the tree grows slow and produce less fruits. It’s because they cannot produce enough foods for them to consume. They have limited time to gets sunlight and convert it into sugar which what they consume. It is not great if the tree doesn’t get enough sunshine daily.

Before growing the tree, you need to find a perfect spot where the sun will be available for long hours. Avoid growing the cashew tree near the big trees because they will block the sunlight. Another thing if there are tall houses, you need to keep a little distance because they can also block the sun.


Nutrients is also important for the cashew tree. It helps them to grow taller, produce more green leaves, prevents dropping of leaves, more flowers and fruits and stronger tree. Soil rich in nutrients is great for growing cashew trees. You don’t need to apply more fertilizer on that kind of soil. But if the soil is poor, you need to apply fertilizer.

There are organic and inorganic fertilizers that can be use. Those fertilizer can help the tree to thrive well. The soil will be place in good shape. Making the soil rich helps the tree to thrive well. The life expectancy of it will be also great.

Those are some informations about the lifespan of cashew tree which is around 20 to 25 years. The grower will enjoy harvesting nuts from the tree for a quite time. They can even sell it at the market to earn extra money.