Lifespan Of Banyan Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of banyan tree

Knowing the lifespan of banyan tree will surprise some people. Banyan tree is a kind of tree that grows really big. In terms of cover area, this tree is growing wide. The branches are long and lots of leaves are growing on the branches. Its really great to see this kind of tree. But how long does banyan tree live?

Lifespan Of Banyan Tree

The lifespan of banyan tree is around 200 to 500 years. It can live for hundreds of year for this tree to grow and thrive well. There are something that might affect its longevity but if it can stay healthy it can live for so long. These trees are very awesome to see. The bigger tree are great especially when you look at them on far location.

Lifespan Of Banyan Tree: Factors Affecting The Growth


When there is a storm, the winds and rains are strong. Since the winds are powerful, some of its branches might break. More branches will be broken if the winds are so strong. Because of that the tree will be affected.

Storm can not be prevented. If it happen on a place, its hard to control. It can cause lots of damage to the tree. More of its leaves will be falling and damage. It might lose majority of its leaves.

Also since during the storm, it has lots of rain. The rain can drowned the tree. When the tree stays long under the flood, its root might rot. The roots will be damage and it will make the tree unpleasant. It might be grow unhealthy for the next couple of days.


If there are lots of sunlight the banyan tree will be happy. The sunlight is one of the major food of the tree. Without the sunlight, the tree cannot be able to produce foods. So more sunlight is important to the tree. Its great to grow this on an open area.

If this tree doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will not grow and thrive well. They will grow slow and it might cause yellow leaves. The leaves will be affected and colors might change from green to yellow. Its a big tree so it needs also lots of sunlight. Around 6 hours of direct sunlight is needed by this tree.

During its early stage, the banyan tree is just a small tree. Since it is small, some bigger size tree might block sunlight. Its important for this tree to grow on open area where there are no other trees that will block the sun. If the tree gets enough sunlight regularly it will grow fast. Bigger size branches, more leaves and it will really thrive well.


Water is very important for almost all kinds of the plants. Without the water, plants cannot grow well and it might dry up. The water is also important to have a long lifespan of banyan tree. It will make branches grow bigger and produce lots of leaves. Also water will help to grow it taller.

The banyan tree can gets water from the rain. The rainfall is great as source of water. It can help them stay cool and fresh. The water from the rain is a good kind of water, its quality is good for them. But without rainfall its hard for them to get water. But even there is no rainfall for a little bit long period of time, they can still grow because they can retain water for long period of time.

There are banyan trees growing near the river. The river can be a source of water for them. The roots of the tree will crawl to the ground and might reach the river. In that way they can drink and stay hydrated.

Nutrients On The Soil

Having a good quality soil with enough nutrients will help the tree to stays healthy. Nutrients is also important for their growth. If the soil is abundant on nutrients it will grow fast and big. But if the soil is lack on nutrients, the tree might not grow really well.

If there are also other plants or trees beside the tree, it will help to improve the soil. The leaves of other trees are falling on the ground. And when it happen, it will slowly decay on the ground. Those decay leaves will become compost. The compost will makes the soil rich.

Even there are no people adding fertilizer on the soil, it can still be rich in nutrients with the help of other plants and trees. Also some of the leaves of banyan tree will fall on the ground and it can also become compost in the next following weeks or months. If the soil is rich in nutrients, the lifespan of the banyan tree can also improve.

Pests And Diseases

Pests and Diseases can also affect the lifespan of banyan tree. Pests might attack and damage the parts of the tree. Those affected areas may cause a serious problem for the tree. It can lead for them to stop growing. Another thing is some of its leaves might lose.

Diseases can also damage the tree. It might attack the tree in no time. When the tree have disease its hard for the tree to grow well. It might produce small branches and less leaves. It is great if the tree stays healthy and it will have a long lifespan.

The pest and diseases can really affect the tree growth. If the tree have no pest and no diseases, it can really thrive well for hundred of years. People can see them growing well and its attractive. This tree is really beautiful too see. More banyan tree can captivate the heart of people.

Those are some informations about the lifespan of banyan tree, how long does it live. Well it can grow around 200 to 500 years. They are really big and wide. The branches are longer and there are lots of leaves.