Lifespan Of Apple Tree: How Long Does It Live?

lifespan of apple tree

The lifespan of apple tree is important information especially for the growers. They will know how long they can gets fruits. The fruits of apple are delicious. They are also nutritious which is good for the body. But how long does apple tree live?

Lifespan Of Apple Tree

The average lifespan of apple tree is around 35 to 45 years especially the standard varieties. But some of the apple trees can also live for around 100 years. Those tree is really well nourish and thats why they live that long. If the apple tree grow long, people can enjoy apple fruits for the long run.

The standard apple tree can grow around 35 to 45 years, while semi-dwarf and dwarf varieties can live around 30 to 35 years. The standard trees are the big trees. They are growing tall compare to dwarf varieties. These trees are the bases and they have longer expectancy compare to smaller one. People can really get lots of fruits in the future.

What Might Affect Lifespan Of Apple Tree?


Having a nutrients rich soil will help the apple tree to live longer. Growing this tree needs the application of fertilizer. Fertilizer will help to make the soil rich. Compost fertilizer is good to use but you can also use chemical fertilizer bought from the store. The nutrients will help the tree to produce more leaves, flowers, fruits and will help the tree to grow bigger and taller.

Healthy soil is important for the tree. If the soil is already abundant in compost, you don’t need to apply more but if it is lack on nutrients you need to apply to improve the soil. The nutrients coming from the soil will help the tree to make its branches longer and bigger. More leaves will grow and you can also expect more flowers and fruits will appear on the tree.

Beside from the nutrients, a healthy soil is important. A soil that is free from disease will make the tree live longer. Sometimes there are disease living on the soil which damage the roots of the tree. It can cause some damage and might rot the roots. But if the soil is clean and in good condition, the apple tree can have a longer lifespan.


If the weather is too hot, the tree needs more water. Water will keep the hydrated and it will help to grow more bigger branches, taller tree bigger fruits and lots of leaves. The water goes to every parts of the tree and its very important. The rainfall can also be a source of water.

If there are lots of rainfall, you don’t need to water the tree. If you water it it will cause yellowing of leaves. Its because the apple tree will be drowned. Lots of water goes to the tree and it can’t handle very well. Too much water can cause to make lifespan of apple tree shorter.

The young apple tree needs a regular watering. Its because they are still small and water will help them to be establish. It help the roots to grow and spread. The tree will be stronger and its good for the tree. After a year the tree will be taller and it will continues to thrive well.


Sunlight is important for the apple tree to make its food. When the sunlight hits the leaves, it will be process under the photosynthesis. Those sunlight will become sugar which what the tree consume. The more sunlight it gets, the more foods it can produce. Its better if the tree is planted in an open area where it will get lots of sun.

If the tree is not getting enough sunlight, it will affect to its life expectancy. They will not grow well and will be short. They need to get enough sunlight regularly of atleast 6 hours of direct sunlight. On some cases there are bigger size tree beside the apple and they are blocking the sun. Its great if there are no other trees near the tree so that they can get more sun.

If growing dwarf varieties and they are growing it inside the pot, they can move on an area where there sun is shining. Its one of the advantage of growing apple tree inside the pot because you can transfer it where the sun will be found. If the tree gets enough sunlight daily it can live longer.


Pests are the enemy of apple tree. There are pests that might damage your tree like apple maggot flies, coding moth and plum curculio. These pests are damaging the leaves, fruits and branches. Controlling them may help to make lifespan of apple tree longer. Pesticides will help to prevent and get rid of them.

When the apple tree started to produce fruits, some of the small fruits might drop because of pests. Pests might create holes on those fruits or maybe eat them. Early drop of fruits might happen. Its not great if apples will drop early because the harvest will become less.

Even for those bigger size and mature apple fruits, they are still not safe. Some pests might eat them. If the fruits are affected it will show changes in color and the skin are not in good look. Not just the fruits also the leaves and branches might be affected. They might eat the leaves which will affect the apple tree growth.


Diseases might attack the apple tree affecting its fruits, roots, flowers, leaves, branches and bark. It will affect the tree’s health. Controlling and getting rid of them is the best solution to save your tree. If the diseases are control, it might continues to grow well.

Some of those diseases are apple scab, powdery mildew, fire blight, black root, scooty botch and flyspeck, etc. These diseases can be control by using fungicides. Fungicides can buy at the market and use it on the apple by following the direction on the label. There are also some other natural remedies that can be use to control them. Making the apple tree healthy is great to make them live longer.

Diseases, if not control will make the tree stop growing. The leaves,flower, fruits might drop and branches will become smaller and the overall tree is not great. Controlling the problem as early as possible is the best way to do to make the tree lifespan long.


Weather can also affect apple tree lifespan. If there are storm, it might damage the tree. Some of its branches might be broken and lots of flower, fruits and leaves will drop. You will see only the bark and few branches after the storm. You cannot control or stop the storm.

When the tree is well damage, its hard for the tree to recover. It will takes a few weeks or months for the tree to go back to its current situation.

Those are some informations about lifespan of apple tree, how long does it live. They can live around 35 to 45 years but some trees can also live around 100 years. If the tree stays longer, you can get lots of fruits. You can enjoy eating them everytime. Some people also sell apple fruits at the market.