How to Improve Urban Garden Soil Quality

How to Improve Urban Garden Soil quality

Today learn how to improve urban garden soil quality. The basic need of the plant is to have great soil. The soil is where the plants grow, and if the soil is for, the plants will not grow well.

So, how to improve urban garden soil quality? The way to enhance the quality of soil is by adding fertilizer. You can also improve the soil by adding animal manure and also mulch.

Choosing the type of soil

If you want to grow bigger and healthier plants, you must choose the best soil. The best soil to grow your plants is loam soil. Loam soil is the soil that is best for most plants.

But if your location doesn’t have loam soil, you can still grow plants depending on what plants are growing on the kind of soil you have in your area.

But let’s say you have loam soil and want to grow plants in an urban garden, and it will be best. If you have a small land area in your backyard, can you make a garden? If you see that the soil is not very pretty, you can apply fertilizer.

Applying Fertilizer

The most common way to improve garden soil quality is by applying fertilizer. There are two types of fertilizer. The first is the chemical fertilizer, and the other is the organic fertilizer.

Chemical or synthetic fertilizers are the fertilizer sold in the market. This kind of fertilizer is manufactured, and it will improve the overall growth of the plants. You can buy it at the need for a few bucks.

Organic fertilizer has no chemical content, and it is naturally made because it is from nature. This kind of fertilizer is perfect for plants and the soil. Organic fertilizer makes the soil rich in vitamins and minerals that plants need.

You can apply any fertilizers, but we recommend using organic fertilizer. Because it has no chemical content, it is eco-friendly, it will not damage the environment, and you can save money.

Aside from that, an organic fertilizer will benefit you in the long term because it will improve the soil very well.

Organic fertilizer is being sold in the market, which is very high quality. But you can also make your organic fertilizer at home. There are many tutorials online on making organic fertilizer, and you can follow them on how to make. But soon, we will make a step-by-step tutorial on making organic fertilizer here. It is excellent to know how to improve urban garden soil quality.

Adding animal manure

Animal manure from the pigs and chickens is our best because it is the most commonly used in the garden.

In applying or adding animal manure to the garden, you need to make sure it is thoroughly decayed or dry. You cannot use that fresh manure instantly because it will damage your plants instead of helping it.

So you need to make sure that it is entirely decaying and you can dry it under the sun. To add the animal manure, you must get some and mix it on the soil. You can use gardening tools like a trowel to mix on the soil.

Adding Mulch

Well, mulch will also help the plants in growing. Well, what is the mulch? Mulch are the leaves, wood chips, grasses, or any other organic matter that are being put on the foot of the plants.

So to improve the soil, you need to put some organic matter on the foot of the plants. In this way, when those matters decay, they will be mixed into the soil and serve as a fertilizer.

Another thing is that mulch will help the plants avoid the evaporation of the water. The mulch will serve as shade to the roots of the plants, and it will prevent the water from evaporating and maintain the moisture of the soil.


To improve your urban garden, you need to apply fertilizer, animal manure, and mulch. Also, to improve your plants’ growth, you need to water them regularly, and they should get at least 4 hours of a direct hit of sunlight.

Thank you for reading this article about improving urban garden soil quality.