How to Grow Calamansi Tree

How to Grow Calamansi Tree

How to Grow Calamansi Tree

Know how to grow calamansi trees. What fruit has a sour taste? Is it lemon? No, Is it orange? No. Is it calamansi? Yeah, your right. Calamansi is a kind of fruit that belongs to the citrus family. It has a sour taste, but it is rich in vitamin c. But today, let us know the answers to how to grow calamansi tree.

So, how to grow calamansi trees?

  1. Get calamansi seeds
  2. Remove seeds skin cover using your nails
  3. Get water, tissue paper, plastic with ziplock and closed container
  4. Soak the seeds in water and also wet the tissue paper
  5. Put the seeds in the tissue paper with few cm distance
  6. Fold the tissue paper into square several times
  7. Put it inside the plastic with ziplock and place inside the dry closed container
  8. After more than a week, the seeds will start germinating
  9. Get a container and make holes under then put soil inside
  10. Plant the germinated calamansi seeds on the container
  11. After few weeks or months you can start transplanting the calamansi seedlings to its designated location
  12. Water it regularly, put fertilizer and after 3-5 years it will start bearing fruits.

There is a deep explanation below, so try to read further details.

How to Grow Calamansi Tree From Seeds?

It is also the procedure on how to germinate calamansi seeds. It will be easy to do. To grow calamansi from seeds, get fruit and slice it into two using a knife.

Be careful in slicing so that you will not damage the seeds. Get the seeds out. Then using the tip of your finger, remove the peel or cover of the seeds. The seeds will be slippery and smooth so try to find a way to remove the peel.

After that, get the following materials; water, tissue paper, plastic with zip lock, and a dry container. Get the calamansi with skin-less seeds (the seeds you already remove the peel). Put the seeds under the water for a few minutes. Then, get tissue paper and wet it in the water also.

Now, lay down the tissue paper and start putting the calamansi seeds. Then, roll the tissue paper up or fold it into a square several times. Then, again wet it to the water.

Get the plastic with a ziplock and put the folded tissue paper inside. Remove the air stack inside the plastic. Lock it now and put it inside the dry container. Please put it in the dark and dry place now.

After a week or two, the calamansi seeds will start germinating. The container removes the plastic zip-lock and puts out the tissue paper.

See if there are roots now. As soon as the calamansi seeds have small tiny roots, you can now plant them on the soil, plastic, or inside the container. It is excellent to know the steps to how to grow calamansi tree.

How to Grow Calamansi Tree In Container?

To grow calamansi in the container, find dwarf varieties. The dwarf varieties will be suitable to grow in the container. You can grow it first from the seeds and follow the procedure above or buy some dwarf calamansi seedlings.

When you have the seedlings, get a big enough container for the plants. Make a hole under that will serve as drainage. Then put soil inside the container. This time put now the seedlings inside and cover them with water.

After that, apply some water. Also, apply fertilizer after a few weeks of planting. Continue watering it every day. After a few months or years, it will start bearing fruits. Fruits will show up depending on what kind of dwarf varieties you have planted.

How to Grow Calamansi Tree at Home?

To grow calamansi at home, choose either seeds or seedlings. If you will grow it from the seeds, read the procedure above. Or, if you will grow it from seedlings, you can buy it from the nearest nursery or agriculture store in your location.

In your home, try to find the best location for your planting. Look for an area where sunlight is abundant. Then make a hole around 3-6 inches deep and plant the calamansi seedlings. Or, if you are growing it in the container, follow the above procedure. Choose dwarf varieties for this one.

How to Grow Calamansi Tree in Urban Places?

To grow calamansi in urban places, you need to pick those dwarf variety and grow it inside the container.

It is best to buy some dwarf seedlings, giving you more fruits. You can buy some calamansi seedlings at the nearest agriculture or nursery in your location. Or try to look online.

The investment you put, the time, effort, energy, and patience is also really worth it as it will give you more fruits in the long run.

How deep to plant Calamansi?

Plant the calamansi around 3-6 inches deep for the young seedlings and adjust when the plant is more giant enough.

When to water Calamansi Tree?

Water the calamansi tree every three days. The water will be good for the calamansi to bear more fruits. The water helps the tree produce more fruits and healthy leaves to come out.

How long to grow Calamansi?

The calamansi takes 3-5 years before it starts bearing fruits. It can also live for a decade and gives you more fruit every time and then.

Calamansi Planting Distance

If you will plant more calamansi, try to plant at least 2-3 meters apart for your plant distance. This way, the tree can grow well and get the maximum nutrients coming from the soil. When there’s a space, it is also accessible to water and fertilizer on them.

Pruning Calamansi

When the tree grows more extensive, it is better to prune calamansi. Pruning will be best for this kind of fruit as it will bear more fruits than not pruning.

Prune the secondary branch of the fruit and a few stems. This way, the fruit will bear fruit and flowers quickly.

When you have the fruit calamansi around more than five years old, try to prune some stems. It will start flowering as soon as possible.

How to Apply Fertilizer on Calamansi?

To apply fertilizer on calamansi, get fertilizer and put it to the tree’s base. It is best to practice organic farming using organic fertilizer.

Use compost as your fertilizer or try to research vermicompost. The coconut pulp also is being used as a fertilizer.

According to some sources, after putting the coconut pulp to the tree, it quickly started flowering. They were terrific, so that’s why try to put coconut pulp to the fruit.

How to Harvest Calamansi?

In harvesting the calamansi fruit, get a scissor. Using the scissor, cur it to the base of the fruit but make sure you will leave a few cm of the tree’s stem.

You need to leave at least a few cm because it will rotten fast when there is no left stem on the fruit. When you damage the fruit, it will rot after 2-3 days if you do not immediately consume it.

How to Care for Calamansi Tree?

To care for calamansi trees, clean the surroundings when you see grasses growing. The grasses will be the competitors of the calamansi to the soil’s nutrients.

Remove them when you see something. Also, to care for this plant, water it every day. Watering can be helpful so that it will bear more flowers and fruits. The water will make the tree cool as it gets more water.

Also, remove some pests when you see them. Remove them using your hand or stick to prevent your fruits from being damaged.

What kind of Soil that Suit for Calamansi Tree?

The best soil for the calamansi is the loam soil. It tends to be better for the tree, and the water will not pass so fast.

When to Harvest Calamansi?

Start harvesting the calamansi when it has enough size and dark green. Avoid harvesting very small as it will not taste as good as the mature one.

Do this early in the morning as the sun is not shining so brightly or in the afternoon.

Thank you for reading this article about how to grow calamansi trees.