How Many Peanuts Grow Per Plant?

how many peanuts per plant

Do you wonder how many peanuts per plant will you get in growing peanuts in your garden?

Peanuts are very popular with many people because they taste so good and have many health benefits. It is a popular snack and you will surely enjoy eating them.

That is why some people start growing peanut plants in their garden so that they will have peanuts to harvest very soon.

During the first time growing this plant, you will wonder how many peanuts will you get from one plant. But how many actually?

How Many Peanuts Per Plant?

A single peanut plant can grow around 25 to 50 peanuts. With a good growing condition and excellent care, a single plant can produce that number of nuts.

Sometimes the actual yield can be more than that which will be great.

That is a good number of peanuts to have throughout the growing season.

The peanut plant is required to have at least 100 to 130 days of free-from frost days to thrive well and reach its maturity stage.

Also, the plant needs full sun to thrive well. A lot of exposure to the sun will help the plant create more food which makes the plant grow faster and becomes better.

The energy the plant gets from the sun is used to grow peanuts under the ground and used by the plant to make the roots, leaves, and stems grow in a better condition.

That is why most peanut farms are being built in an open fields where more sunlight is available.

Water is also important for the plant’s growth. At least 1 inch of water is needed by each plant.

But avoid giving the plants water a few weeks before and after flowering.

Also, nutrients play an important role in the growth of the plant. But you need a low level of nitrogen fertilizer or use a balanced one.

If you are going to use high nitrogen level fertilizer, the plants will grow more leaves but will grow fewer peanuts.

The peanut plants are nitrogen-fixers so you don’t need much nitrogen fertilizers.

You can harvest nuts once the leaves of the plant turn yellow. You will have a lot of peanuts if you grow more plants.

Harvesting 100 Peanuts

In order to harvest 100 peanuts, you need to plant 2 to 4 plants especially if a single plant will produce 25 to 50 each.

That number of peanut plants you need to grow is doable since the plant doesn’t grow that big and you will probably need a small spacing to grow those plants.

You need to space the plants 18 inches apart, with 24 to 36 inches distance between rows.

If you don’t have soil to plant because all parts in your surroundings are concrete, you can just grow peanut plants in the containers.

Grow one plant per container so that you can maximize the number of nuts that will grow per plant.

You can easily achieve harvest 100 peanuts when those plants mature.

Harvesting 500 to 1000 Peanuts

To harvest 500 peanuts you need to grow 10 to 25 plants especially if each plant will produce 25 to 50 nuts, while you need 20 to 40 plants to harvest 1000 peanuts.

If you have a garden with enough space you can absolutely grow those number of peanut plants.

But if you are having limited space you need to use many containers to grow those plants.

Those numbers of nuts are a lot and you and your family will definitely enjoy eating them. You can use those nuts to make the recipes you like.

You can even sell some of those peanuts or make peanut products to earn some money.

How Many Peanuts Per Pound?

Approximately there are 140 peanuts per pound. So if you will get 700 to 1400 peanuts from your garden, you will harvest 5 to 10 pounds (2.26-4.5 kg) all in all.

Those are lots of peanuts to have and when you increase the number of plants you grow you can increase or even double the number of peanuts and the pounds you will get.

To harvest 5 pounds of peanuts you need to grow 14 to 28 plants if a single plant will produce 25 to 50 nuts each, while to get 10 pounds of peanuts you need to grow 28 to 56 plants.

Depending on your wants, you can grow a few or more peanut plants in your garden.

How Many Peanut Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need 40 to 56 peanut plants for a family of 4. A single peanut plant can produce 25 to 50 nuts which are a little bit enough for a serving for a person.

Each person needs to grow 10 to 12 plants to have a stable and consistent source of peanuts.

The peanuts you will be harvesting from your garden can be stored for a little bit a long time and you can have some nuts every time you want as long as you have stored one.

You can divide those harvested peanuts into many and plan when to consume them.

In that way, the family can enjoy having peanuts without buying from the grocery.

You can save some money by growing plants and you can even make money by selling peanuts or selling peanut products.

Do You Need Two Peanut Plants To Produce Peanuts?

No, you don’t need two peanut plants to produce peanuts. A single peanut plant can produce peanuts alone because it is self-pollinating.

The yellow flowers will show up on the plant once it becomes mature. When the flowers have pollinated, their petals will fall to the ground especially when the ovaries in the center are fertilized.

Peanut plants don’t need the help of pollinators like bees to produce nuts under the ground. The nuts grow under the ground and not into the trees.

Should I Pick The Flowers Off My Peanut Plants?

No, just leave the flowers on the peanut plants. They just fall into the ground once the ovaries of the plant become fertilized.

Leave those flowers growing on the plant and sooner the nuts will grow under the ground.

Once the plant reached its maturity you can definitely harvest lots of peanuts.


So, how many peanuts per plant? You can get around 25 to 50 peanuts per plant which 140 peanuts can weigh around a pound (0.45).

With good growing conditions and excellent care, you can get a lot of peanuts per plant. In some cases, a single plant can produce 100 peanuts.

Make sure the plants are getting enough sunlight, water, and nutrients to make a good harvest happen.

Also, find good varieties that are suitable to grow in your location to have a good chance to increase the yield of peanuts.