How Many Artichokes Grow Per Plant?

how many artichokes per plant

Do you wonder how many artichokes per plant you will get when you grow a few of these plants in your garden?

Artichokes are not so popular to plant as tomatoes and potatoes but still, they can give you a good source of food to eat.

One artichoke plant can produce multiple flowers which you can eat because it’s the edible part of the plant, but how many artichokes can you get from one plant?

How Many Artichokes Per Plant?

A single artichoke plant can produce 6 to 10 artichokes. It is common to see multiple artichoke buds grow on a single plant.

With the number of buds grown per plant, you can get a lot of harvests if you are going to grow more artichoke plants.

The artichoke plants need sunlight for at least 6-8 hours per day. The sun will help the plant make their food. The plant leaves will work and convert that sunlight into their food.

The energy coming from the sun is being used by the plants to grow better and produce buds. Grow the plants in a place where they can get a lot of sunlight.

Also, watering is essential for the artichoke plants’ growth. They need at least 2 inches of water per week. You can use a soaker hose to water your plants to make watering easier.

Also, improve the soil nutrients to help the plant thrive better. You can use fertilizer or you can use compost to enrich the soil quality.

Another thing is by adding mulch you can keep the moisture of the soil.

It can take 85 to 120 days to harvest artichokes but if you are going to grow them from seeds it can go as long as 180 days total growing time.

How Many Pounds Of Artichokes Per Plant?

Approximately one medium artichoke weighs 400 to 450 grams or 0.88-0.99 pound.

So those 6 to 10 artichokes can weigh around 2400-2700 grams (5.2-5.9 pounds) for those 6 artichokes while it will weigh 4000-4500 grams (8.8-9.9 pounds) for 10 artichokes.

You will get a lot of pounds of artichoke from a single plant. How much more if you increase the number of artichoke plants you grow.

For 100 artichokes they will weigh 40000 to 45000 grams (88 to 99 pounds) which is a lot.

Most of the gardeners who harvest lots of artichokes have a wide land space. Growing these kinds of plants require good spacing to grow.

Usually, the field has good spacing and they will get lots of sunlight since usually it’s an open area and far from tall and big trees with a wide canopy.

How Many Artichoke Plants For A Family Of 4?

You need to plant around 8 to 12 artichoke plants for a family of 4. Each member of the family should plant 2 to 3 artichoke plants to have a consistent harvest.

When you have 8 to 12 artichoke plants you can harvest 48 to 80 buds from 8 plants, while you can get 72 to 120 buds from 12 plants.

Those are a lot of artichokes to have throughout the growing season. If you increase the number of artichoke plants you grow you will get a lot more.

It will give the family a consistent and stable source of food from those plants. The buds must be stored properly to prolong their shelf life.

You will have a source of food at the same time you can earn some money by selling artichokes.

Gardening can be a good stress reliever and it will be fun when everybody in the family participates in growing artichokes.

Harvesting Your First 100 to 250 Artichokes In Your Garden

If you want to achieve to harvest your first 100 to 250 artichokes in your garden, you need to grow more plants to make it happen

If a single artichoke plant can grow 6 to 10 buds, you need to grow 10 to 16 plants to harvest 100 buds while you need 25 to 42 plants to harvest 250 artichoke buds.

That is a lot of plants to grow and it’s a little bit hard to do when you have limited space.

If you have enough spacing you can grow all those plants in your garden but if you do not have enough spacing you can grow only a few plants.

During the first harvest, you can get a few artichokes. If you can’t achieve those hundreds of artichokes the first time, you can still get those numbers in the next growing season.

Maybe you can get 50 on the first one and get the next 50 artichokes during the next harvest season which can give you a total of 100 artichokes.

You can use those artichokes that you will get from your garden to make some food to eat or if you have a lot of harvests you can sell some of those to earn some money.

It is very beneficial to grow a lot of artichokes in your garden.

Can You Plant 2 Artichoke Plants Together?

Yes, you can plant 2 artichoke plants together just make sure to have 3 to 4 feet of spacing in rows and have 4 to 5 feet spacing between the rows.

The artichoke plants need a good spacing because the plants will grow big and wide and it can shade the other plants which can lead to poor growth.

The leaves of another plant can block the sun which will make them hard to get enough sunlight in order to make food.

With good spacing, you can definitely grow a lot of artichoke plants together just make sure it has a good distance between each plant.

The plants will thrive better especially when the plants are not competing for sunlight, water, and nutrients. With enough spacing, the plants can achieve to get enough needs regularly.

Do You Need Two Artichokes Plants To Produce Artichoke Buds?

No, you do not need two artichoke plants to produce artichoke buds. The artichoke plants are self-pollinating and they can able to produce buds without the help of other plants and pollinators like bees.

The buds will appear on the plant as soon as the plants get mature. Those buds will grow bigger as time passes by. You will see multiple buds on each plant and you can get a lot of artichokes when harvests come.

The main artichoke bud can be harvested once it becomes 3 to 5 inches in diameter while getting the other buds when they are 1 to 3 inches in size.

Letting those buds grow too big will make them taste tougher.


So, how many artichokes per plant? A single artichoke plant will produce 6 to 10 artichokes which can weigh around 400 to 450 grams (0.88-0.99 pound) each for medium sizes.

By increasing the number of artichoke plants planted in your garden you can increase the artichoke yields you will get when harvesting comes. So it’s better to grow more plants especially if you have enough space to grow these plants.

Make sure that artichokes are getting enough water, nutrients, and sunlight to thrive well. They will also thrive better when you add mulch or compost into the soil.