How And When To Harvest Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya)?

how and when to harvest bitter gourd ampalaya

Growing bitter gourd (ampalaya) takes a little bit time before you see its first fruit. You will wonder when to harvest bitter gourd or how to harvest them. For the new growers they will be excited on how their plants goes on. They didn’t know yet on how long it will takes to see the fruits, but if they have an idea then they will have a clue when the fruits will show up. When the harvest season comes they will pick those bitter gourd fruits.

When To Harvest Bitter Gourd (Ampalaya)?

The bitter gourd (ampalaya) can be harvest around 65 to 70 days (8 to 10 weeks). During this time the bitter gourd fruits have enough length, hardness and its already mature enough to pick. Some bitter gourd fruits are short and some are long. There are varieties of bitter gourd that grows on some countries and they have different sizes. The fruits are available when it reaches its maturity.

How do you know when to harvest bitter gourd? There are signs to know that the bitter gourd fruits are ready to pick. When it reaches 65 to 70 days old after sowing the seeds it can be ready to pick. Also when the fruits have enough length of around 4 to 6 inches for short varieties and 6 to 15+ inches for long varieties, the color is green to a little bit dark green you can start harvesting them. Its great to harvest bitter gourd a little bit young because they are soft to eat and its not so bitter in taste. You can harvest the fruits every two to three days and monitor them because the fruits ripen fast.

The bitter gourd fruits are being harvested when green in color. People cook them with lots of different dishes. Yellow bitter gourd can be eaten even its already ripe. Some people likes to eat ripe bitter gourd. The ripe fruits can also be use to get seeds. The seeds can be use for the next planting season.

Either sunny or rainy day you can harvest the fruit as long as they are mature and ready. Even though the fruits take a little bit time before you can start harvesting them, still it’s a great experience and stress reliever when the fruits started to show. There will be more fruits to be harvested if the plants grow and thrive well. The fruits might taste bitter but it’s rich in vitamins and minerals which is good for the health.

The growing time of bitter gourd from many countries is different so the harvest season is also not the same. This vegetable is growing well in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It needs more sunlight to makes it food and thrive well. It will grows longer and bear lots of fruits when it gets enough sunlight, water and nutrients. The time will comes and when to harvest bitter gourd will be know.

What Are The Signs That You Can Start Harvesting Bitter Gourd?

Length. If the bitter gourd fruit has enough length you can start picking them. There are long and short varieties that grows in many countries. Some short varieties can grow around 4 to 6 inches while the long varieties can grow around 6 to 15+ inches. The length of the fruit can be a bases when to harvest bitter gourd.

Size. If the fruits are big enough then they are ready to harvest. The fruits are small when young and continues to grow until maturity. It can grow big or small depends on varieties. Once the bitter gourd fruits are big enough they are ready to get.

Smell. The smell is can not be bases because its a little bit hard to smell them, fruits don’t produce much odor. Slight changes can be determine. But if you peel those already mature fruits, you can easily smell them and compare to the fruits on the plant.

Color. The color of the fruit is light green but as it grows older it becomes dark green. They will change its color slightly and it will give some clues when they becomes mature.

Texture. The texture of the fruit can also be a bases. The fruits are soft when they squeeze. They harden as times goes by but are still soft when chew. Knowing when to harvest bitter gourd is a little bit a big help.

How To Harvest Bitter Gourd?

To harvest bitter gourd, make sure that it has enough length, size and good enough. They are usually being harvested color green, ripe fruits are not consumable. To pick them you can use scissor or knife to easily cut the peduncle of the fruit. Leave atleast an inch long peduncle on the base of the fruit. It will help the fruit to prevent rotting. Choose those fruits that are mature enough and cut it on the base.

When you pick the first fruit from the plant, the other fruits will comes next. They are growing quick and you can harvest bitter gourd every two to three days. You need to monitor them because it can ripen fast and it is not consumable when it happen. If the plants grow well, then it might produce lots of bitter gourd fruits. You will enjoy the bitter gourd in the following days to come. Knowing how to harvest bitter gourd is a little bit similar compare to other kinds of vegetables.

How many times can you harvest bitter gourd?

You can harvest several times when the bitter gourd started to fruit. It can grow lots of bitter gourd. The harvesting season of bitter gourd can last around 6 six weeks long and after that the plant will slowly produce less and start drying. If you have more bitter gourd plants, then you can have more fruits to harvest. You can pick fruits every two to three days interval.

How To Store Bitter Gourd?

Store the bitter gourd inside the refrigerator. Placing them inside the ref prevent its ripening process. The fruits can last about 5 days. You can also place the fruit on the counter. Consume them as early as possible. Its great to cook vegetables from your garden.

How do you harvest bitter gourd seeds?

To harvest bitter gourd seeds you need to let the fruit ripen. The fruits will turn yellow when ripe and it will split or crack. You will see the fruit is totally color yellow and the seeds inside are coated with red. It tells that the seeds are mature enough and can be harvested. Seeds will have enough hardness and ready to be planted on the coming season.

The fresh harvested seeds of bitter gourd can be planted. They have the capability of growing. Some growers save seeds for the next planting than buying from the market. Its helpful ways to grow more bitter gourd plants. They can last long for a couple of months or years when properly stored. Its great to know how to harvest bitter gourd fruits and also its seeds.

Executive summary:

Harvest the bitter gourd around 65 to 70 days after sowing the seeds. They can be harvested if the fruits are around 4 to 6 inches long for small varieties and 6 to 15+ for long varieties. They are ready when they have enough size, length, good texture, smell and quality color. You can use scissor or knife to cut the fruit from the plant. Place the bitter gourd fruit inside the ref to make it last longer for around 5 days. To save the seeds let the fruit ripen and when the seeds are coated with red they are ready to harvest.